Updated 01 September 2015


Discreet and safe home testing for Cervical Cancer


The CE & FDA approved UDoTest™ (pronounced ‘you do’) recently celebrated its second year of existence in both the local and international home medical testing space.

Unique to South Africa, the two do-it-yourself, laboratory-analysed, UDoTests can detect the prevalence of HPV, the cervical cancer causing virus, as well as the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Of all the cancers, cervical cancer has the highest death rate amongst women in South Africa and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cervical cancer kills approximately 10 women in the country on a daily basis.  

The truth behind this stat though, is that only 13% of women in S.A. diligently screen with Pap smears because the process is embarrassing for many, costly, inconvenient and also requires that time be taken off work to visit a gynaecologist.  

However, the fact remains, cervical cancer can be cured with early detection.

Available from Clicks and Dischem at approximately R879 per unit, UDoTest can also be ordered online at UDoTest™.   

udotest tube in a box

Once the user completes the simple test, all that needs to occur is a login advising UDoTest that the test has been completed, and that it is ready for collection from the user’s desired physical address.  The tests are collected by Lancet Laboratories and analysed, and the feedback results are emailed to the user.

Should a result be positive and indicate the HPV virus, full support as well as advice will be communicated to the patient.  In the event that the result indicates Cervical Cancer, a specialised counselling offering is activated.

“UDoTest™ is touching the lives of individuals on a daily basis where heartfelt testimonials are becoming the norm,” says Allison Martin, the brains behind the concept.”  The pioneering service offering of UDoTest™ has attracted the attention of international markets where HPV screening has already been adopted as the primary screening method for cervical cancer before the Pap smear.  

September is Cervical Cancer month in South Africa and UDoTest and Dance for a Cure are calling on South African women to help raise the local awareness of cervical cancer, with the launch of the Smear for a Smear SA campaign (#smearforasmearsa) or visit the UDoTest website.

For further information visit UDoTest.

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