07 February 2013

Facebook unfriending: user feedback

Unfriending someone on Facebook can sometimes be very emotional for the other party. For some it’s a build-up of events that might have occurred.


After 9 years of connecting friends and family globally, Facebook remains one of the top social media web sites. From uniting long-lost friends to bringing friends together from all corners of life.

Unfriending someone on Facebook can sometimes be very emotional for the other party. For some it’s a build-up of events that might have occurred. Some take it very personally; others simply want to move on.

We asked our users whether they had ever removed or unfriended someone on Facebook. This is what they said:

Lebohang Mahlaku:

  • Tagging me on your photos;
  • Hitting on me;
  • You whine about traffic, long queues, weather, etc;
  • You moan about your situation;
  • Pity and attention seeking status;
  • Tagging me on your posts;
  • Swearing;
  • Broken grammar even when using your vernacular.

Fitz Townsend:  My main reason for unfriending someone on Facebook is lack of communication. He or she ASKS for connection and then does nothing to share, whether it be with news or pics of his own or commenting on news or pics of mine.

Hanna:  When I joined Facebook, a lot of people sent me friend requests – one that slipped in under the radar was a creepy teacher I had in the primary school. I probably would not have noticed, but then he started commenting etc. Every time I opened my Facebook page, there he was. What sort of person checks Facebook to become friends with people he taught 40 years ago in primary school? Very creepy, I thought and quite grim. I swiftly unfriended him.

From the Health24 Facebook page

Stephan Fouche:  All the religious people who try to mind control me, all the unlucky sad people who make me negative and all the baby photo posters.

Tshepo Sarah Khule:  I'm not sure if blocking has the same effect, but I prefer to block. Less stress and I don't think the person notices.

Mave Chandler:  NO because I would never be that rude.

Pulane Patricia Marumo: I unfriended someone once and they stalked me and he kept calling me on private numbers and the scary thing is I didn't even know him personally for him to get that hurt just for that.

Lynn Nolan: Yes...especially clingy people and those who updates their status every 5 minutes with nonsense.

Abie Martin:  Yes I have. Some because they became facebook "spies" that added no value to my life experience and one because I was asked to.

Have you unfriended someone on Facebook? Tell us about it and email us to our stories.

(Health24, February 2013)

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