Updated 18 September 2015

Beat the bounce

You wouldn’t buy a car without checking out all the smaller, hidden features, would you? So try to do the same when choosing a sports bra.


There are many features in a sports bra that could make your exercise experience extremely uncomfortable and even painful.

But if you know what to look out for, exercise could be a pleasure.

Look for:

- Less vertical stretch than horizontal stretch to stop the bounce

- Wide straps made out of firm, non-slip and non-stretch fabric to offer more support

- Absorptive, non-allergic and non-abrasive fabric

- Covered hooks to prevent chafing

- Wide elastic bands that fit around your ribs to stop the bra riding up and rubbing

- Labels that are covered, made of soft fabric or hidden to eliminate chafing

- A racer or T-back style if your sport requires freedom of arm movement (for example, tennis and squash).

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