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UDoTest™ is a discreet, safe and convenient home test. UDoTests™ can detect the prevalence of HPV, the cervical cancer-causing virus, as well as the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Party like a pro

Whether you’re attending a holiday party, wedding, or other celebration, you can sometimes find yourself in an awkward situation. Here are some useful tips to cope gracefully.

Beware these weekend health woes

If you’re the picture of healthy living during the week, but let it all slide on the weekend, you may be wasting all your good efforts – and putting yourself in danger.

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Tony De Wijn says...

Pagel this cost-effective heliostat has been developed by a university so I would expect some credibility from them. How much money do you need to develop your car? I may be... South Africans may have solved solar power problem
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Novel health supplement now available in SA stores

Omega Caro-E, a locally developed and patented fish oil supplement is now available in South Africa.


Reduce bladder leakages by clenching

Stirling Gravitas, gold medallist at life, explains how to beat those bladder leakages!