Updated 22 March 2016

Why I’d never ditch my bra

We asked users how they feel about wearing a bra. Here’s what they said.


Underwear is one of the most important clothing items for women and bras in particular make a woman feel feminine.

We asked our users to share their bra stories and this is what they had to say:

: To tell you the truth every night when I watch TV I always take the thing off pulling it through my sleeves because it restricts my breathing.  I must mention that I always buy good bras, but also have light ones, always underwire.

I have been doing this for many years they always end up lying around in my sitting room and I retrieve them in the morning. Heaven help us if we happen to get visitors I don't know what they would think!  

Leentha: Ah ha??  Bra-less…nope I do not think so. There is going to be lot more accidents in the street as men turn heads to catch a” looksie” at a lady walking and the boobies are jumping up and down.

Rose: I am 40 years old and have always gone braless since I developed breast. My girls are still looking very good for a woman my age. Plus I have a 20year old son who I breastfed.

I always thought that they would start pointing south when I reach 40 but so far so good. I am very lucky and very grateful. But is this normal? 

Modiegi: Not at all, I have big t*ts and I don’t like the sight of them greeting everybody. Maybe when you are young and childless. My son fed for a year and my daughter for six months so my breasts are not like peaches, no to braless.

Pricilla: Am an elderly chubby lady and dislike the discomfort of a bra. Only wear when I dress up to go out, at home a no! no!

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