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Many women reject female 'Viagra' pill

The FDA has given conditional approval for the release of a successful female 'Viagra' pill that will bring back female libido, but many women are unimpressed.

The truth about female ejaculation

There are many theories about whether or female ejaculation occurs. Recent studies have shown that it does, and is completely natural. Read to find out more.

Sex after hysterectomy

Every year approximately 30,000 Australian women undergo a hysterectomy. Are you one of them? Find out how it may affect your sex life.

A brief history of the bra

Through the centuries, women’s breasts have been miminised, hidden from view or maximised. So where did the modern bra come from and who invented it?

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Alexander Dowding says...

Why doesn't this doctor ever furnish any studies to add weight to all of the claims that she makes? Medicinal dagga: the dangers can't be ignored
Shortcut to the future

A vasectomy is the most grown-up thing a man can do. Here’s the honest account on the pros and cons of the “snip”, as experienced and written by a medical journalist.

Frozen eggs a growing option

A discovery by Italian scientists could boost the success rate when frozen eggs are used to help women become pregnant.

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