Modes of travel

Air rage

In yet another air rage case, the niece of celebrity designer Ralph Lauren has been charged with drunk and disorderly conduct on high. What is it about air travel that makes passengers snap?

Your body on a long flight

Whether you’re ensconced in first class or crammed into coach, flying above 30 000 feet for four-plus hours can affect your health. Here’s how…

10 worst passengers

Drunk, swearing, urinating, vomiting, violent. Here's a list of what simply have to be the worst air passengers ever.

Airport scanner fun and games

How long did the powers that be think it was going to take for pervy airport security personnel to start putting their fancy new full-body X-ray scanners to creative use?

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Sue Schalkwyk says...

If OP was so scared, and so nervous, then why didn't he phone the security, they would have been there to see if there was a ladder against the wall. He is a trigger happy person,... All said and done, we still don't know WHY Oscar shot Reeva
Hit the road - safely

Do these twelve things and you stand a good chance of not becoming one of the many accident statistics on the roads.

Air travel and cruise ship health

Air travel and cruise ship health involves protecting passengers and crew members during transportation, by minimising the risks of disease and injury.

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