16 October 2006

What is PUPP?

The main focus of PUPP (People for the Upliftment of Pets and People) is to sterilise as many dogs and cats as possible.


What is PUPP?
The main focus of PUPP (People for the Upliftment of Pets and People) is to sterilise as many dogs and cats as possible.

PUPP is different from the other animal welfare organisations as PUPP’s two employed teams go door to door in selected very poor areas, searching out those animals in need, sterilising male and female dogs and cats, educating the community on their responsibilities as pet owners, offering advice on feeding etc. and helping them to control the spread of pet to people transmittable diseases.

One only has to visit the ever-increasing number of informal settlements and underprivileged areas to see the obvious problem that exists as a result of indiscriminate backyard breeding of dogs and cats. There is a very serious overpopulation of domestic pets.

Children play in the same patch of sand in which worm-ridden pets have defecated, spreading disease to humans, especially children and the frail. Mangy dogs and puppies play in the streets with the children, many of whom will then attract scabies, the human form of mange.

Where the funding comes from
Thanks to support from concerned citizens, certain businesses, Trusts, and lately, NLDTF (Lottery Department), PUPP has not only survived, but has expanded. Over 16,000 dogs and cats have been sterilised through PUPP, thanks mainly to Animal Welfare Society and, more recently, Animal Rescue Organisation and the SPCA, who are paid by PUPP for their sterilisation procedures.

PUPP is a registered non-profit organisation and is now registered as a PBO (public benefit organisation).

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