Updated 26 June 2014

Top 9 worst soccer injuries

A video compilation of some of the worst soccer injuries.

With the Soccer World Cup kicking off tonight, 12 June 2014, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, we thought we'd bring you a compilation of the 9 worst soccer injuries of all time.

No doubt many of the players will be creating moments for a post-Brazil SWC injury video as the tournament progresses. 

Most common soccer injuries:

- Sprains and strains
-Shin splints
-Cartilage tears
-ACL injury
-Fractures and contusions
-Patellar tendinitis
-Plantar Fasciitis (pain on the bottom of the heel)
-Achilles tendinitis
-Stress fractures (when bones become weak from overuse)
-Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (pain under or around the knee cap; also called, “Runner’s Knee.”)
-Groin pull (injury to the inner thigh muscle)
-Hamstring pull (when one or more of the muscles have been torn)
-Iliotibial Band Syndrome (results in knee pain)
-Muscle cramps
-Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (stiffness or soreness that occurs 24-48 hours after intense exercise)
-Turf Toe
-Torn Meniscus

YouTube source: lazzy37



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