How to get ripped

A guy's worst nightmare

William Smook found a large amount of crimson blood in his stool. Could it be cancer? He goes on an embarrassing journey to find out.

So what's in semen?

In answer to a reader's query on whether it was dangerous to swallow sperm, sexologist, Dr Elna McIntosh, wrote the following.

Just a snip

You’re a bloke. Your partner dislikes using the pill. You don’t want any more kids. Here's the most grown-up thing you can do.

You're not just a penis!

Therapy is a great tool to help you rediscover yourself as a whole person, and put your penis in perspective – whatever its size.

Your ageing penis

What will happen to your most treasured appendage as you get older?

The penis adorned

From penile jewelry to seriously painful surgery, some guys go a long way to prettify their Johnson!

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Alexander Dowding says...

Why doesn't this doctor ever furnish any studies to add weight to all of the claims that she makes? Medicinal dagga: the dangers can't be ignored
Protecting your bits

Taking care of what makes you man is right up there next to breathing. Read on to learn about how to look after your bits, and how to get the most out of your manhood.

Penis traction can work

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get a longer penis? Do “male enhancement products” actually work?

The lowdown on the penis

The heart may be regarded as the seat of the soul, but the penis is the autopilot - the joystick. No other part of male physique causes men as much anguish, self-doubt and pride.

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