Check your health IQ

Do you know your measles from your mumps? And your folic acids from your fatty acids? Your pneumonia from your influenza? Check your medical knowledge right here. Choose the right answer to each question below.

An HIV-positive mother can have a baby who is HIV-negative.

A mammogram is some sort of pregnancy test.

People who are colour-blind most often are unable to distinguish between the following colours:

Rubella is another name for:

Which of the following diseases have been eradicated worldwide?

It is better to have a benign tumour, than a malignant one.

MS stands for:

Penicillin was the first

A paediatrician deals with:

A psychologist may prescribe medication.

The Islands of Langerhans are situated in the:

Agoraphobia is the fear of:

If someone has a shortage of vitamin C, they could suffer from:

A normal adult has the following number of teeth:

There is a cure for herpes.

Type 1 diabetics have to inject themselves with insulin.

Nevirapine is used in the treatment of patients with:

If pregnant women do not get enough folic acid, it increases the chances that their babies could be born with:

DNA testing has to do with the:

One can be vaccinated against cervical cancer.

HIV stands for:

CPR stands for:

Your patella is:

A shortage of vitamin D could cause:

If you only needed to have your eyes tested, you would go to an opthalmologist.