12 August 2003

Should one shave differently for different weather conditions?

There are different things to bear in mind when shaving in summer and in winter. If you know what they are, it could save you a lot of pain.


Extreme temperatures call for special care when shaving. When it’s mid-summer and you are spending a lot of time on the beach or next to the pool, you should always shave the night before or early in the morning. This will give your skin a rest. Salt water, chlorine and sand can irritate freshly shaven skin.

Make sure that you use a non-oily suntan lotion that won’t come off with your sweat. It should also moisturise your skin. Do not apply suntan lotion directly after shaving, it could cause skin irritations. Once again it is important to give your skin a chance to recover. Do not shave directly after being in the sun.

In winter, the wind and temperatures can dry out your skin. Use a moisturising shaving gel with glycerine to hydrate your skin. After shaving, apply an alcohol-free moisturising aftershave to soothe your skin.


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