21 February 2007

How do I avoid razor burn?

After shaving, you may feel that you've scraped your face on a gravel road. The pain of razor burn is enough to put you off shaving for life.


This painful condition occurs when a razor blade irritates the skin. The two best things that you can do to avoid the dreaded stinging sensation is to make sure that the blade is sharp and that you have prepared your skin correctly before shaving.

  • Shave in the same direction as the hair growth.
  • If the hair currently inflamed, give it a week to heal before shaving again.
  • Shave only once over any area.
  • Reduce the pressure that you apply to the razor when shaving.
  • Do not pull your skin too tightly.
  • If you still feel the burn, a 1% hydrocortisone cream applied twice a day for two to three days should alleviate the pain.
  • Use Dalacin T solution or one of the many antibiotic lotions available after shaving.
  • If it persists, you may have to change to another form of shaving, like electric razors or a different kind of blade.

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