Updated 12 December 2014

The top 10 dog breeds for allergy sufferers

These ten dog breeds are less likely to cause allergic reactions - perfect for people who love animals but suffer from pet allergies...

If you suffer from allergies, specifically pet dander allergies, you might have thought that owning a dog simply isn't an option for you. Luckily for the allergy-prone pet lovers out there, a solution does exist. 

Certain dog breeds are considered to be more 'hypo-allergenic' than others. While no dog breeds are truly hypo-allergenic, certain breeds cause fewer symptoms in humans than others. According to Mayo Clinic, dogs that don't shed or shed very little cause fewer allergic symptoms. Short hair dogs may also prove to be a better option. 

Click the 'play' button to see ten dog breeds that are best for allergy sufferers:

Video courtesy of Dogs 101 on YouTube

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