Updated 25 January 2017

6 articles you must read about alcohol

As the year winds down, you may find yourself turning to alcohol to relax during the much-needed holidays. Here are six articles to read first before you reach for that third or fourth glass.


Alcohol is a stimulant. It can sometimes act as “pick me up”. But do you know how much alcohol you should be limiting yourself to?

Women should only have two to three units of alcohol daily, while for men it’s three to four units. In South Africa, a drink that contains 12 g of alcohol is generally regarded as a unit. 

According to the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use:
340 ml beer (5% alcohol by volume): 12 g
340 ml cider (6% alcohol by volume): 16 g
25 ml brand, whisky, gin, vodka (43% alcohol by volume): 11 g
120 ml wine (12% alcohol by volume): 11 g

1. Can exercise offset damaging effects of alcohol? 

In news that's sure to delight tipplers everywhere, a new study says moderate exercise may offset some of alcohol's harmful effects. A study found that just 2.5 hours of physical activity a week could reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. 

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2. SEE: The effects of too much alcohol on the body

How exactly does alcohol affect your body? Read on to find out what the side-effects of binge drinking are. 

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3. Here’s how alcohol messes with your nervous system

Have you ever wondered how alcohol affects your memory, or changes your behaviour? But before you take that next swig, have you ever thought what alcohol does to your body, and more specifically, to your nervous system?

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4. Be careful of alcohol at holiday parties

During the holiday season, gatherings and parties are a part of the festivities. Unfortunately, so are alcohol-related accidents and deaths. Never pressure people to drink and make sure those who are imbibing alcohol have a designated driver.

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5. People unaware that alcohol can cause cancer

Alcohol consumption caused more than 700,000 new cancer cases and around 366,000 cancer deaths in 2012, mainly in rich countries, according to data reported to the World Cancer Congress in Paris.

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6. Does drinking really make you happy? 

While alcohol may make you feel cheerful at the time, what are its long-term effects on happiness? We found out... 

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