18 January 2006

No safety net for trapeze artists?

Fancy becoming a circus clown or a wrestler? Bad news is that you might have difficulty getting accident insurance if you took up any of these professions.

Ever fancied becoming a circus clown, a wrestler, or a fisherman? When you were five years old, no-one told you that you might have difficulty getting accident insurance if you took up any of these professions.

It would appear that accident insurance is generally available only to people in professions where the worst likely injury is a paper cut or a scald from spilt coffee.

The following professions or activities exclude candidates from certain personal accident policies:

  1. Woodwork machinists, whether teachers or carpenters.
  2. All employees who work in factories manufacturing fireworks or explosives of any kind.
  3. Tree fellers.
  4. Boxers, wrestlers, jockeys, professional football and ice hockey players.
  5. Employees who go out to sea, whether fishermen or divers and people involved in shipping repairs.
  6. People who operate threshers.
  7. People who work in quarries, who dig wells and who demolish buildings.
  8. People who test drive vehicles or who take part in any type of motorsports.
  9. All miners
  10. Circus employees – both normal employees and performers.

These are then clearly the professions, which are regarded as high risk as far as potential injuries at work are concerned. So unless you want to be at risk of being injured and having no insurance, rather choose to become a secretary or a teacher – as long as you don’t teach woodwork! - (Susan Erasmus Health24)


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