26 January 2011

The ambience - problems & solutions

Think about your lounge for a minute. Does it look like the kind of place you would like to spend a lot of time in?


Problems with living areas

Think about your lounge for a minute. Does it look like the kind of place you would like to spend a lot of time in? Does it have comfortable couches or chairs, is the colour scheme soothing, is the lighting effective and is the furniture well-positioned? Is the floor covering comforting and are there attractive pictures on the walls? Does it look inviting to guests? Can we change the atmosphere to a romantic one if we need to? Does the lounge smell clean and pleasant? If not, what can you do to change this? 

And your bedroom? Is it a soothing and pleasant space to be in? Is the bed comfortable and is there lots of natural light and pretty curtains? Is the floor space uncluttered and are there attractive pictures on the wall? What is the general ambience of the room? Would you mind if you fell ill and had to spend a week in bed to do it in this room?

We probably end up spending half our lives in the two living areas of our homes – the bedroom and the living room.

Solution for living area ambience

These areas should be welcoming, practical and comfortable. They should also be an expression of who we are. Taking trouble to decorate these two rooms shows that we care not only about what other people will think, but about how we treat ourselves. And when we treat ourselves well, other people will naturally be attracted to us and to our homes.

If there are things that you think can be improved in the living areas so that the atmosphere is more welcoming and pleasant, what is stopping you from doing this?

There are many products on the market to help you enhance the ambience of your living areas. Aromatic candles can help you change the atmosphere to a welcoming or even a romantic one and air fresheners can make the whole room smell fresh and welcoming, and make it a pleasant and comforting space for you, your family and friends.



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