16 February 2012

Bee swarm: survival tips

What do you do when a swarm of bees heads your way? Memorise these tips for summer.


What do you do when a swarm of bees heads your way? Memorise these tips for summer.

  • If a bee swarm comes your way, run for cover. Protect your head and face as much as you can with clothing or your arms. 
  • Keep your mouth closed: if a bee stings inside your mouth or throat the swelling can impede breathing.
  • If you can’t get indoors, get into a car or cover yourself with a blanket or clothing – especially the face, head and exposed skin.
  • Don’t hit out at bees or try to “shoo” them away -- this will just encourage them to sting more.
  • Jumping into water is not the best bet: bees can wait at the surface for hours and sting when you come up for air.   

- Olivia Rose-Innes, EnviroHealth Editor, Health24, updated February 2012


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