Climate and pollution

Why car heat is a child-killer

Children's bodies are especially vulnerable to the effects of heatstroke. A car interior – even for a few minutes on a mild day – can quickly become a death trap.

My tap water tastes funny

Water Affairs assures us our tap water is excellent and stringently tested, so why does it sometimes look cloudy or brownish, or taste or smell peculiar?

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Another option is a Hand Bidet Sprayer. It's easy to install, requires no new plumbing and actually does a better job cleaning you. It also helps with constipation and hemorrhoids. Arthritis: Being comfortable and safe in the bathroom
Is your garden soil toxic?

Growing Your Own is a mainstay of the green movement, but fruit and vegetables can absorb contaminants from polluted urban soil.

Are public pools unhealthy?

Swimming, which strengthens the body while the water protects against injury, is often prescribed as physical therapy after injury or illness. But how hygienic are public pools?

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