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High-protein diet not green

The high-protein diet craze is bad news for the environment. Learn how to make greener dietary choices, yet still pack in plenty of protein.

Load shedding is your fault too

The knee-jerk response when the lights go out is to curse our friendly parastatal electricity provider, but we're all responsible for this mess.

Gravity: no escape

Hollywood's stunning new special effects blockbuster contains some sober truths about human frailty and limitation – if you're not too dazzled to notice them. By Olivia Rose-Innes.

100 utterly useless things

Computers and cupcakes and cruise missiles, shoes and ships and sealingwax. Humans are excellent at turning raw matter into all manner of entertaining artificial Stuff. By Olivia Rose-Innes

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Can government hospital abort your baby if u r 5month preg Having an abortion
Chico who?

Hundreds of environmental activists have died for the cause; why is it that no one's heard of them? By Olivia Rose-Innes.

Sign of our times

Recognise this logo? It could come to symbolise the 21st century. By Olivia Rose-Innes.

Are public swimming pools unhygienic?

Swimming is great for exercise and physical therapy, but if you don’t have the luxury of a pool at home you may have wondered, as this reader did: just how hygienic is that local municipal or gym "communal bath"?

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5 immune boosters in your kitchen

You don’t need a handful of vitamins and supplements to keep your body healthy, check out these five immune boosting foods you probably already have in your kitchen.

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The healing power of laughter

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