ACOS – the little known syndrome asthma sufferers need to know about

Most people know a bit about asthma but very few of us have ever heard of asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS) - here's what you need to know.

How your body changes after 50
Fifty plus? Here’s a quick guide to possible changes that may start taking place in your body.
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Facelifts may make women 'seem' more likable
Getting a facelift might make you look younger and friendlier, but this doesn't mean you'll be happier, experts say.
Coffee and alcohol may help seniors walk better
A Dutch study suggests that coffee and alcohol consumption may be associated with a better gait in older adults.
A healthy body equals a healthy brain
Experts stress that eating right, exercising, and maintaining your health can help your brain to age gracefully.
Plastic surgeons use 'fat grafting' to plump up faces
Plastic surgeons inject fat obtained from the belly or thighs through liposuction into specific areas of the face to provide more volume.
Are you ageing faster than your peers?
It is possible for some people to age faster than others, a study has found.
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