What's the deal with cheat meals?

Many diets allow for cheat meals in a bid to keep dieters on track. But Dr Greg Venning says they do more harm than good.

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Antagolin is being promoted as a supplement that can alleviate insulin resistance and help you lose weight. Is it safe and effective? DietDoc investigates.
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Recent research reveals that our genes not only affect the type of foods we choose to eat, but also how much, and how often.
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Eighteen-year-old strict vegetarian Deva Argue recently fulfilled a lifelong ambition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, despite misgivings about her diet.
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Portion control: lead by example
By controlling your portion sizes and rather choosing homemade meals and snacks, you can improve your health, save on food costs and help to better control your weight.
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The Fast Diet, also called the 5:2 Diet, has taken the world by storm. Here's what you need to know.