Updated 18 April 2017

K Naomi takes a stand and shows women how to fight back

SPONSORED: PRETTY LETHAL; an initiative created by Reebok to provide women, across South Africa, with free self-defense classes.


Socialite and TV personality, K Naomi, announced as the first African, female ambassador to Reebok.

“What attracted me to join forces with Reebok was the fact that they aren’t just another brand who talk big, but then fail to deliver on anything meaningful. I wanted to align myself with people that want to make a real, tangible difference. A brand that has the same values, motivations, and drive that I have. And just like Reebok’s mantra says, to Be More Human is something that I strive for every day."  

As a first of many collaborations, K Naomi stars as the face behind PRETTY LETHAL; an initiative created by Reebok to provide women, across South Africa, with free self-defense classes. 

“Unfortunately, in South Africa, women are perceived as defenseless targets.” Said K Naomi. “And more often than not, it is our mothers, sisters, and daughters who suffer most.” 

“The message that Reebok and I are spreading, is that women shouldn’t let threats, fear, and intimidation influence their lives. Our goal is to provide women with the space to educate themselves, to learn how to stand up for themselves, and at the very least, know the basics of self-defense.” 

“There is this amazing value in learning the simplest self-defense moves, knowing how to identify a potentially dangerous situation, building self-confidence through physical training. After my first lesson, my outlook completely changed. I realized that I’m not this delicate flower. That my body and mind are stronger than I could ever imagine.”  

“What makes this PRETTY LETHAL initiative different from all the other brand campaigns is that all women can join. Reebok has made sure that there is a space, that there are trained instructors, and above all, that it is accessible – the lessons are completely free.” 

Together with FightClub gyms, Reebok has created a simple way for women to arm themselves for life. Free introductory classes are offered in Johannesburg, between 18 April and 18 May, with the ultimate goal of spreading to the rest of SA. 

A simple registration process at PRETTY LETHAL allows you to find and book a session at your own convenience. Classes run from 7 – 8pm, weekly and women are encouraged to invite friends and family to join them. 

“We know that a self-defense class is not going to change the world”, says Peter-John Morrily, brand director at Reebok. “Our goal, first and foremost, is to support women across South Africa. We can’t control the negative forces in our country. But what we can do is provide the tools and knowledge that give our women a fighting chance, should they ever be confronted with a threatening situation. PRETTY LETHAL is about showing women that they are not the easy targets society thinks they are. It’s about overcoming fear and being able to walk around with dignity, self-confidence, and above all, pride.” 

Classes start 18 April and are free to all women. Simply visit PRETTY LETHAL to register and book a class near you.