Are you a rugby addict?

Do you maintain a healthy balance between rugby and the rest of your life, or are you totally addicted? Do this quiz and find out if rugby is ruling your life.

My partner has argued with me because I watch rugby too often.

I have lied about being sick when missing work to watch a game.

I often watch alone.

I only spend time with friends who also watch rugby.

I'm glued to the TV no matter which team is playing.

I sometimes lie to cover up how much rugby I am watching.

I often find myself watching more than I set out to do.

I watch reruns of the matches - twice.

I have forgotten what I used to do on weekends and in the evenings.

The bulk of my salary this month goes to SA Breweries.

The only exercise I get is operating the remote control.

I'm starting to use my sick leave to stay at home and watch the game.

I've lost my voice.

The springs on the lounge couch have broken.

My child has no face paint left - and it's my fault.