Updated 03 November 2015

Pool accessories for a great swimming workout

For a powerful swimming session, you’ll need more than an itsy-bitsy red bathing suit. Try this pool paraphernalia on for size.


1. Training fins (not flippers)

These help to strengthen the legs, so look for a stable and stiff blade design that will maximise thrust and improve leg development. A soft urethane mould will ensure forefoot and heel comfort.

2. Spray-on sun tan lotion

Beware of sun damage to your skin and lotion up without the mess. Nivea’s spray-on lotion is easy to use and above all is transparent – so no more white streaks.

3. Swimming goggles

Look out for curved lenses with quality optics, 180-degree vision, an anti-fog coating, UV protection and a super-soft skirt to ensure comfort and water-tight sealing.

4. Kickboard

The ideal accessory for practising flotation and kicking. Choose a board that allows multiple hand positions. Dense, laminated foam will improve flotation further.

5. Water-resistant stopwatch

Recognised manufacturers offer affordable units with large display screens, ergonomic designs and up to 300-lap memory.

6. Waterproof MP3 player

Just the toy for you if you want a soundtrack for your swim! The SwiMP3 player weighs only 56 g and stores around 60 songs. Sound is conducted via the cheekbone and is crystal clear.


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