27 November 2006

Run with Maryann: Week 8

This week's training session was "a struggle of note", Maryann writes. Follow her progress.

After I climbed Table Mountain on Sunday, I was a bit sore and stiff, so to arrive at Newlands forest for Monday’s session and be faced with hill training up to Rhodes Memorial, was quite harsh.

It was a struggle of note, but I plodded along slowly and just made sure I didn’t stop “running” (you can hardly call it that, but I was not walking!).

This is what we did:
7km, with uphill running
5km time-trial

There was a lot of uphill running, and I really felt pushed. Running in the forest though is so inspiring and fresh. We were supposed to be running 7km this week, but with the harshness of the route we took, I think it was only about 6km.

On Wednesday we did a 5km time-trial around Rondebosch Common. I did it in 31 min. 43 seconds.

Thursday was a straight-forward 7km on the road, with a few stops/walking for a minute or two in-between. This week I felt that the running was hard, and my energy levels have not been that high.

We were told about the Landmark's race, a half marathon that has a 6km fun run, and were encouraged to enter on Sunday. About 12 of our group managed to be up early and run it. I did 36 minutes. Time is not that important really, but I find it good to gauge fitness and improvement over time, and to help set goals for the next time.

Training for a 10km race over 12 weeks? At 8 weeks it seems you should be running a 7km (and preferably aiming at 6 and a half mins. per km), then doing a 5km where you push to do a faster time, and then another 6 or 7km to complete the week’s training.

A tip for this week is: get a running buddy/buddies! If I did not have people who were expecting to see me at 6.15am on Sunday morning, rolling over and sleeping would have been a definite option. - (Maryann Shaw)

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