Punch-ups on the field

Samoan fullback Paul Williams has been red-carded for striking Springbok flank Heinrich Brussow in their clash in Auckland on Friday.

Rugby head injuries

One in four rugby injuries are to the head. There are two types of head injury, namely external and internal.

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Rugby fitness Q&A

Need to know some quick rugby fitness facts to beef up your knowledge during the half-time chat? Moneque Roos, a biokineticist at Virgin Active does a quick Q & A for us.

Are you a World Cup widow?

If you also plan to be glued to the screen for the weeks of the Rugby World Cup, bully for you. But this article is for women who don't watch at all.

Rugby skills for 6-8 year olds

Mini Rugby (with rules) is played in the under seven to nine age group. With this age group, more emphasis may be placed on the correct execution of the skills.

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