Updated 09 November 2016

How to make great memories with Mitchum

SPONSORED: Life is filled with great moments and Mithum is there to make them even better . . .


Whether it be the moment you walk into your very first job interview or the moment you are  on bended knee to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you, great moments in life, are the ones that make you sweat!

These are the moments we talk about, the ones we recall with a smile on our faces and the ones we pass down to our kids. They become stories, anecdotes and even jokes.
This year Mitchum is giving you the chance to win a Mitchum moment. Not just any moment, a great Mitchum moment. One you can experience, one you can share and most importantly, one you will never forget!

Mitchum equips you to handle any situation and gives you 48 hours of our most powerful sweat and odour control. Go to any participating store, purchase your favourite Mitchum and dial *120*3272#, and enter your unique code found on pack.

By entering the competition you stand a chance to win 1 of 10 great moments worth R20 000, proudly sponsored by Mitchum. Each prize caters for you and a partner, because let’s be honest, what’s a great moment if you can’t share it with someone?

Prizes are all within and around South Africa:

Golf Tour at golf course/s for 2 people for 2 nights 

Soccer Experience for 2 people 

Cricket Experience for 2 people 

Rugby Experience for 2 people 

Supercar track day/experience for 2 people

Drakensburg hike and overnight cave experience for 2 people 

Trail Running for 2 people 

Entry to cycle challenge for 2 people 

Skiing at Tiffindell for 2 people for 2 nights 

Weekend Getaway at a game lodge for 2 people for 2 nights 

The competition runs until the 15 December 2016, so be sure to get in store today for your chance to win your Mitchum Great Moment! 

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