24 August 2010

Virgin Active offers Kettle Bell classes

Virgin Active will introduce Kettle Bells to its extensive list of exercise equipment available on the gym floor from 1 September 2010


Virgin Active will introduce Kettle Bells to its extensive list of exercise equipment available on the gym floor from 1 September 2010.


The Kettle Bell is a Russian cast iron weight that resembles a cannon ball with a handle.  It is said to be the ultimate conditioning tool training the body’s eccentric muscle actions relating to sudden stops, sharp movements and multi-directional planes of motion that occur during sport and ones daily life.


How does it work?

Kettle Bells create a displaced centre of gravity while training (centre of gravity becomes the point just below the handle of the Kettle Bell) which has a more realistic, functional carry over to other sports.

The thick and smooth handle combined with the ballistic nature of many Kettle Bell exercises makes this exercise an outstanding grip, wrist and forearm developer. In addition, Kettle Bells train dynamic loading of the hip muscles resulting in powerful contractions of the hips in a crisp snapping motion applicable to all sports from punching to running;


What are the benefits of Kettle Bell training?

  • It develops coordination and the ability to change hands and body direction through all planes of motion aided by the simple handle;
  • It conditions the cardiovascular system very effectively by stressing all the body’s energy systems and all the associated areas of physical performance;
  • It develops muscular endurance, strength and power using a variety of different exercises and weights, and also through ‘combination drills’ e.g. mixing body weight and Kettle Bell exercises;


The Kettle Bell is an extreme hand held gym. The variety of exercises is only limited by the instructor’s imagination.


Russian Olympics lifters (Vlasov, Zhabotinskiy) and the Russian Special Forces personnel owe much of their strength development, agility and stamina to Kettle Bell training


For more information contact Virgin Active on 0860 900 211 or visit

(Press release, August 2010)


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