17 July 2008

Amy's healthy weight blog

It's been eight long weeks, but Amy Henderson finished her Healthy Weight Programme. The going was tough, but the rewards significant.

Eight weeks later and I have completed the Sports Science Institute's beginners Healthy Weight Programme.

It wasn't exactly a walk in the park, but I can definitely say without reservation that it was awesome. Not only have I improved my overall health and fitness levels, but I feel like I have started something which I can realistically continue with on my own now.

I was never a big gym fan, I mean once I got to the gym that was fine, but it was the actual getting there that I had the problem with. Why go get sweaty when shoe shopping is the other alternative was my thinking. And although I haven't had to sacrifice my love of shoes and all things that match them, my mindset towards exercising is now a lot more positive.

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