www.15kg.gone - Bonita Nuttall's inspirational weight-loss journey

Former Carte Blanche presenter Bonita Nuttall reached her goal of losing 15kgs by doing exactly the opposite of current weight-loss trends. She embraced her freedom of choice, asked herself the hard questions, put shoulder to the wheel and gradually her vital, skinny self emerged.

Want a toned backside?

Leave the big bottoms to the fatcats and hone yours down to a lean, toned tush. It’s not something you’ll flex in the gym, but fear not – it’ll get noticed.

Build bigger muscles

Professional Personal Trainer and Director of Body Excel Gym, Dave Giloi, discusses how to effectively and efficiently build bigger muscles.

Dance yourself fit

Studies have shown that salsa dancing can improve cardiovascular fitness, and ballroom dances, such as the fox trot or tango, can add 2 000 steps to one's daily walking total.

Belly dance for happy hips

It's sexy, it's fun and best of all, it's a great way to get fit. Belly dancing is for women looking for an exotic way to get fit and healthy.

Broader appeal

Follow these exercises to bolster your shoulders to top off the perfect body.

Brilliant biceps

Few things are sexier than well developed arms on a man, but how do you develop bulging biceps and tremendous triceps worthy of Vin Diesel's stunt-double? Here's how.

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