5 exercises you could be doing wrong

If you don’t do the following exercises correctly, you won’t get the full benefit of your fitness programme and might actually end up injuring yourself.

Get a grip on aching muscles

Are you often in pain the morning after a gym session? We might be able to help. Check out these guidelines on how to ease muscle pain.

Why do my muscles ache the day after exercise?

Certain types of exercise, such as eccentric exercise where the muscle is lengthened, can leave you sore for a couple of days. This muscle pain is known as DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness.

Home gym fails

If you plan on working out at home check out these videos of people who work out at home - and learn from their mistakes.

Be winter fit

Don't let the cold winter weather keep you from exercising. How much of which exercises should you do?

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How you can get moving

Fee like a useless lump of laziness just laying on the couch? Fear not, there's hope for you! Here's how you can get active.

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