Posted by: KB | 2009/10/13


What can I do - not sleeping - exhausted

My LG of 9.5 months old wakes up so frequently during the night. This may sound really harsh now, but is there anything you can give your baby to make them sleep. I am truly against medication to make your baby sleep, but let me tell you, my 2.6 yr old LG only started sleeping through recently and I am not going through the same thing again with my 2nd one. I don' t think my 9.5 month old is sick - she might only be teething, but I do give her Nurofen for the pain and Vidol for the gums, so she is prep to the fullest before bedtime. I am desperate for sleep and I want to stop the problem now. How effective is sleep training? I left her crying a bit last night (husband' s orders) and she did stop after 5 minutes. Please help.

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Posted by: Ally | 2009/10/13

I have the same problem with my 10-month old. Now, after speaking to my clinic nurse, I upped his protein at lunch and dinner and then when he wakes up crying, I go in to check on him after 5 mins and just put my hand on his back and tell him firmly to sleep. Then go back 10 mins, 15 mins etc. He stops crying eventually. I have now had 2 full nights sleep, first time since June...YIPPEEE!!!!!

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Posted by: Zee01 | 2009/10/13

This may sound harsh, but what we did worked well....
My LG is now 17 months old, and I am 11 weeks pregnant.
My LG used to wake up about 5/6 times a night.
When my gynea heard my first LO does not sleep through yet, she gave us the following advice....

After 6 months they do not need night feeds, and if you give them to much milk, they will eat less. This is a huge problem me had with my LG, as she hardly ever ate dinner...
So, we went cold turkey....
Gave her only one bottle with water, for the night, put her in her bed, gave her a kiss and said good night.
If she wakes up at night, we just leave her...
The first night she only cried for half an hour, and slept through!!!!
After about 3 nights she just cries about 5 seconds, realize we are not coming back, and she sleeps!
She eats a lot better, only wakes about once at night, moans a couple of seconds, and then sleep again!!
Hope this helps!
It is harsh, but it is worth it!


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Posted by: anon | 2009/10/13

Hi KB,

My first born, now 3 years old, used to sleep terrible and she also started to sleep better only recently. She still wakes at night but not that often. Her baby brother, now 3 months old, sleeps better than her - i guess i' m lucky to have that.
What I used for my little girl is a syrup called, QUIETUDE, you can give it in the mornings and evenings. It helps with poor sleep patterns. It' s also a natural product.
I hope it will help you. Otherwise you can use the Rescue drops, but let' s see what the moms has to say.

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