Posted by: zoe | 2003/08/27


USN - Phedra cut

Can you please tell me more about this product? (phedra-cut) I know it is available in capsules and liquid form - which one do you think is the best for weight-loss. And is it necessary to exercise while you use phedra-cut for it to work properly? I would like to know exactly how I should use it for me to LOSE weight, because it is rather expencive. thank a lot for your time!

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Posted by: mark | 2003/09/02

i have this desire to cut down or loose my fat %. im quite a big man. 1.95m and i weigh 106kg. however i do have a body fat percentage of 22%. i also go to gym and excerise quite seriously.i would like to look good but at the same time would like to shed the fat, but retain my muscle mass. can you recommend a good product that will help me get lean??i really struggle to loose fat. was thinking of getting winstrol...but i dont want to get involved with roids.

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Posted by: SAM | 2003/09/02

Hi Zoe
I used Phedra-Cut which is a herbal product distributed by CSIR. Must advise that it worked for me and I used 200 Caps only and have had no problems at all. I find that it is probably the same time of product as the Formula 2001 which everyone raved about some time back. Nevertheless, I guess everyone has to have their own opinion.

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Posted by: Ladylife | 2003/08/30

Immm. You are posing a bit of a 'delicate' subject here "Phedra Cut' It has long been established overseas that ANY product which contains 'phedra' or 'ephedra' equivalent (where from the derivative of ephidrine) is not a good product for your well being and health at all! In most of the 1st world countries all products containing phedra or ephedra have been withdrawn as they have proven to have a high risk of seizures, heart attacks and a host of other serious side-effects which I won't even go into here.

It is still to be found in some of the local 'health/weight' products but any sports person overseas who shows signs of ephedra in their urine sample are guaranteed to have to face the sports control board!

It is known to cut down on appetite (increasing both heart rate, blood pressure and other related problems) so it is mainly used by sports people either before or after serious bouts of exercise as it also helps to overstep the brains natural mechanism whereby it indicates that it is tired and can not exercise further.

Side effects include an increase in aggresion and an inablity to relax enough to sleep. Perhaps this will make you think? Ephedra, the same as Heroine shows specific, abnormal brain patterns for years after it was used.

You ask how it will help you to lose weight. Only by drinking this product which is not good for your organs and which dramatically reduces your natural appetite and then also to greatly speed up your stress and anxiety levels so that you can exercise twice as long as normal. I sincerely hope that the warning bells regarding this product are sounding loudly in your head that this is NOT the way to lose weight in a healthy way, without causing major problems in many other areas of your body and as medical tests have proven - this is not just while you are taking the product but can carry on with it's insiduous harmful effects, up to a few weeks after using it on a daily basis.

My advice for what it is worth? Exercise for about as long as you are physically and mentally able to. Then eat a sensible diet with a bit of all the various food groups and don't rely on any product to try to help you to lose weight, to add bulk or to try to 'impress.'

You are talking about your health here which is more precious than gold so by all means lose weight and exercise but stay away from all and any of these 'sound too good to be true' gimmicks which do nothing else but create unnatural body performance! (And the often horrendous side-effects which they leave behind.)

Regards - Ladylife

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