Posted by: April | 2008/08/12



What side effects have you guys using / who used Duromine experience?

I started yesterday with 15mg. Last night about 8pm I was ravished!!!!! I woke up twice last night and battled to get to sleep again!!!!!!!!! My feet were icy and sweaty. I ate again.

This morning I woke up a little tired and sommer took 2 capsules. Tonight when I get home i am going to take a sleeping pill after I' m done with my chores.

I don' t know what else to do.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/30

This is my second day on 30mg duromine. I love it! Yes feeling more alert, definitely not AS hungry, not enough to bother me, it has stopped my cravings for junk food because im not actually hungry. If i feel a little empty i eat. I don't starve myself. I make sure i eat because my body still needs fuel to function , dont wanna be fainting anywhere! Breakfast i have a bowl of porridge and i snack on bananas and carrots throughout the day, but i make an actual meal if i feel the need. and got to sleep there first night!! a little harder than normal but still got about 6 hours sleep! i drink plenty of water and green tea. Sliiiiighty shaky in my hands but and it wore off after a few hours Day 2 iv felt so proactive been running errands and cleaning the house all day just having that little bit of extra energy. Only had shaky hands in the morning . havnt been thinking about food but still remembering to eat. And iv been in such a good mood the last two days! first day i was 72.4kg soo yesterday. i just jumped on the scale now for the sake of this post and im 71kg?! Might just be due to not being full of food but we will see! good luck to everyone. dont rely on the pill let it help you, just be sensible

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Posted by: Masindi | 2014/06/13

I'm on my 5 day now, I'm moody , and sometimes I hardly breath, got d chest pains as well , nd the headach , I'm restless and sumtimes I feel like vomiting , I dnt kwn wht to do coz I real need to loose ths weight, I eat healthy and I have i ncreased my fluid in take I drink normal tea more than twice a day, I dnt want to stop I need ths pls giv me better advises

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/03

Its my 8th day on duromine15mg had the side effect in the first 3day but all tht has vanished I must say I stil feell hungry a bit haven't weighed myself crossing fingures I have 20kgs to loose in atleast 3mnths.gud luck to every 1

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Posted by: mbali | 2014/04/22

How much is dominoes 30mg now cos i wanna start using it

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Posted by: Pumkin | 2009/01/15

i need to find out from people who are using duromines if they really do work

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Posted by: Didi | 2009/01/14

I need to loose weight urgently

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Posted by: Goal weight | 2008/12/06

This is my 4th day on Duramine. I had been thin most of my life, but gained about 35 kg over the last 7 years. I had tried alll the diets on the market, some worked great. One even made me loose 14kg in one month. On the moment I weigh an unbelieveable 102.9kg and I am only 1,57m tall age 38. Till now the side effects has not been intolerable. Drank 3 glasses of white wine 2 nights ago....but believe me, definitely not a good idea. Please stay away from drinking while using pills, you feel miserable. Aso had slight headache twice, very very dry mouth....but this is I drink litres and litres of water. I have nooooooooooo appetite at all....and even the site of food makes me full....I have to force myself to eat....because its unhealthy to starve yourself. The foood does not taste nice anymore, do not appear appetizing either, and i therefore dont eat much. I am mostly on fluids all day and night. I sleep well because I drink my 30mg tablet at 6 in morning. I havent weighed myself yet, will do it after 2 weeks. Believe it or not....but I can see visual results already, my face slimmer....and my tummy little down. I however still have very long way to go, as I want to weigh 75kg or size 14, currently I am size 20. I will not push myself to loose toooo much over a tooo short period as this is not good, but hope to at least loose 4 - 5 kg per month. On the moment I do not exercise at alll, will try to walk in coming week or on exercise bike for 30 min as a start.
I will keep you posted on my progress. Please let us alll suport eachother in this battle we are fighting, encouaging one another and be winners!!!!
Best wishes to alll you out there...

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Posted by: Fatty | 2008/12/05

Hi everyone

I have now lost 9 kg with duromine, and it wasn' t difficult. No sticking do a diet and that crap.

Kosmos, maybe there is some health reason why your dr don' t want to give you this. Did you ask him. Do you have hig or low blood presure, are you Depressed? Are you taking any other medication?


I still eat KFC and Pizza and hamburgs and that stuff, but just not as much as I used to. And I get fuller much fasters. I just feel, when I stop using duromine, my body must still be use to all the fatty foods, don' t want my body to get a shock and blow up again.


3 kg in a week is fantastic, you go girl, please keep us updated.

Want to be different
Are you using vitamens aswell? Are you on the 30mg. Maybe you must then first try the 15mg just to let your body get use to it, and then go up to 30mg.

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Posted by: Mistified | 2008/12/04

I started Duromine today and I must say the side effects are not as hectic as everyone says but then we are all different. I had a bit of a headache (due to lack of coffee I think) and a dry mouth. I used to drink about 10 cups of coffee a day. I had a dry mouth but that good because it makes me drink more water. I had special K and no fat yoghurt for breakfast and supper and I had a light salad for lunch and I am not hungry or grumpy at all. I also need to lose 38 kg. Good luck girls and hang in there. If this works it will be worth it. Don' t give in to temptation.

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Posted by: Kosmos | 2008/12/04

Hi there,

I know for a fact that Duromine works!

However, my GP refuses to prescribe it for me, even though I weigh 100kg at age 34!!

Please could someone give me the contact details of their GP who would presribe it? I live in Germiston, JB &  work in Houghton, JHB.


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Posted by: Juicy | 2014/05/29

Hi guys just wanna let u know that i have had excellent results using Duromine. I had a ceasar and couldnt lose the pregnancy bulge. I took duromine 30mg for 3 months and ive lost a total of 10kgs .... no nasty diets or excercise....its a miracle drug and highly recommended. By the way it also boosted my energy levels. I have reached my goal weight and no longer need the pills so if theres anyone out there that needs it i can arrange it for you through my gp.

Posted by: Hopeful | 2008/12/03

Hi there after reading all these comments i am know more than committed to trying out Duromine. Im 27 weigh 90 and need to loose at least 25 Kilo' s - This product has been around forever from what i hear - the side effects discribed sound hectic but what the hek... We all need to loose some weight.. good luck and heres to a loosing of weight Christmas Season......

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Posted by: Anna | 2008/12/03

hi, I started a week ago and I have to say that im 100%, im 3 kg down now<  YIPEEE

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Posted by: I want to be different | 2008/12/02

hi there.i' m using Duromine for 5 days..and i' m getting so sick of it.just want to feel like vomitting all the time,i get dizzy,my stomach burns all the time,have migraines.i don' t like this.i lost like 3 kilo' s in 3 days time.i' m glad..!but what can i do?i can' t go on with this side effects. :(My hormones pills don' t even want to work..?why not?

goodluck to all!

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Posted by: Skinny ma dinky | 2008/12/02

I started my duromine today, i am not feeling hungry! YEY! I go to gym regulary, hopefully that will also help. I have had an apple and watermelon and i am not hungry at all. I am taking the 15mg, i am just worried about not sleeping at night becuase i will definately want something to eat. Any suggestions? By the way you guys are funny!
Good luck!

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Posted by: DJ | 2008/11/27

I got me prescription and will start on 1 Dec and worried it will not working cos i' m at a piont i' m sooo depressed about the weight and people think i' m 35 when am 26 cos i refuse to buy the size 38/40 clothes please keep me in your prayers doc give pres for 15mg God be with us women and keep the thin ones away from us

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Posted by: BOO | 2008/11/27

Hi Husband

Aren' t you just lucky! My fiance is complaining, he doesn' t even want to hear the word Duromine. I can' t say I blame him cz the pill has completely put me off it. Pls ask your wife for tips, maybe taking a bit of alcohol might do the trick?

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Posted by: Bianca | 2014/07/08

Kindly note that alchol is not allowed when on this medication. My cousin went into a fit, after taking a Duromine Pill, went clubbing and had a glass of VODKA.which wasnt such a good idea

Posted by: Tandi | 2008/11/26

I got a prescription for duromine yesterday from my docter. She said she does not like prescribing it because people become too dependand on it. But upon hearing my weight (100kg, 23 yr old female) she was so shocked that she prescibed it immediately. Im starting them on the 1st of december. Im nervous after reading about all these symptoms. I would like to lose 70 kgs and im more than determined to eat properly and exercise.

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Posted by: Fa | 2008/11/26

on basis will a doctor prescribe the pill to you?

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Posted by: Miriam | 2008/11/25

My doctor has just prescribed duromine for me and i will start tomorrow morning. I am hypertensive though my blood pressure is very controlled with medication. reading your comments scares. Is it true duromine can raise your blood pressure. For me that would be dangerous as i already have high blood pressure. I want to loose 20 Kg in the least time possible. Am 26 yrs and size 18/20. Iwant to get to size 14 and 12 if possible.Am tired of diets which don' t work or which take years. Hope it works for me.

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Posted by: Husband | 2008/11/24

Dear all

I had a good laugh reading this blog. I am concerned about my wife using the drug. On Friday she consumed alcohol and boy was that a female version of viagra. I could not keep up!! What made it worse was that she could not sleep and I had to bear the brunt of it, not that I' m complaining. Maybe it is the 8th wonder of the world after all LoL!!!!

I think I ' ll just have to live with the side effects :-)

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Posted by: Matumelo | 2008/11/24

I only took Duromine 30mg a week now and I lost 1kg, but I am afraid to use it because I have a problem with high blood pressure, I need to loose 26kg, can somebody there help me. I drink it early in the morning before 7am I dont have problems in sleeping at night.

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Posted by: BABY B | 2008/11/24

Hi i have been taking it for a week now and have only lost 1 kg i am dissapointed though and am also more tired then usual can Duromine be the cause of this?

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Posted by: BOO | 2008/11/21

Today is my 5th day on 30mg, I haven' t checked my weight on the scale as yet. I want to check in 2 weeks time. I hope I will have lost a notable diff by then! Yes insomia is a bit of a problem when u r on Duromine but it helps to take it as early as possible. I need to lose at least 20 kg' s in 3 months. I' m 27 a size 38 going on 40!!!!

All the luck to us all.

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Posted by: LEE | 2008/11/20

Good Morning All

Hi there Pumi: How much weight have you lost?
Do you exercise? Please pass on any tips

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Posted by: Pumi | 2008/11/20

I call it the wonder works and i love it

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Posted by: Peee | 2008/11/20

2nd day on Duromine and have not been sleeping at all but all my hunger problems are solved...will i not crash because of not sleeping and what pain killers can one take for the head-aches and lastly, is it safe to drink redbull????

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/03/20

I don't think it's safe to drink red bull ever

Posted by: Me | 2008/11/18

I am sure it will work for me too, can not see why

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Posted by: HIMSELF | 2008/11/13


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Posted by: HIMSELF | 2008/11/13


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Posted by: HIMSELF | 2008/11/13


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Posted by: Cay | 2008/11/13

Hi guys

I started using duromine yesterday(12/11/08), so far Istill feel fine. I woke up alot last night, but I am stil hungry. Is it normal?
I am using the 15mg.

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Posted by: Me | 2008/11/11


I have been on Duromine for a month now, and I have lost 7kg. The only side effect that I have is sometimes not sleeping. You are not allowed to drink any alcohol while using duromine. They say it can be dangarous. I don' t excerise. I still have the ocasionaly pizza or KFC, but not as much as I used to. I think Duromine is the 8th wonder of the world.

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Posted by: ??? | 2008/11/10

Will i be able to lose 25 kgs in 4 months with Duromine?

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Posted by: LEE | 2008/11/10

Princess Anastasia

Yes you need a script for Duromine.

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Posted by: Princess Anastasia | 2008/11/10

Hi there

i am trying to get thinz but you need a scrip for it, does duromine require a script asw ell?

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Posted by: DD | 2008/11/07


I started Duromine today and so far feel good and not hungry at all!!! Dont know about the sleeping part Anyway, i just want to know what can i eat while on Duromine? Like what food can and should i eat and what not. And how much weight can i +/- lose in 1 to 2 months?

Thanks!  )

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Posted by: RIck | 2008/11/06

My wife is using this Duromine thing, does it affect your sexual appetite? She is always not in the mood how long does this last im getting impatient.

Well she has sure lost alot of weight in 2 mnths. She was a size 42 and now she is wearing a 36.

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Posted by: RIck | 2008/11/06

My wife is using this Duromine thing, does it affect your sexual appetite? She is always not in the mood how long does this last im getting impatient.

Well she has sure lost alot of weight in 2 mnths. She was a size 42 and now she is wearing a 36.

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Posted by: Fely | 2008/11/06

Hi ladies,

My Doctor has prescribed Duromine for me I will start tomorrow. Hope it works. Mel doesnt wine give you an apetite?

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Posted by: Fely | 2008/11/06

Hi ladies,

My Doctor has prescribed Duromine for me I will start tomorrow. Hope it works. Mel doesnt wine give you an apetite?

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Posted by: Fely | 2008/11/06

Hi ladies,

My Doctor has prescribed Duromine for me I will start tomorrow. Hope it works. Mel doesnt wine give you an apetite?

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Posted by: Mell | 2008/11/06

I only started taking Duromine today, i have no appetite at all!!!! Just want to know if it is safe to drink some wine when using Duromine?

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Posted by: lee | 2008/11/05

Hi there, Lush
You will gain weight if you go back to your old eating habits.
When on duromine you have to eat healthy &  exercise &  when off duromine you have to continue to do that.

Baby girl do you have any tips for me. Too loose 4 kg in two weeks is alot. What were you eating &  did you exercise???
Any tips will help.

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Posted by: Lush | 2008/11/05

Will I gain weight if i stop taking Duromines?

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Posted by: Lush | 2008/11/05

Will I gain weight if i stop taking Duromines?

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Posted by: Lush | 2008/11/05

Will I gain weight if i stop taking Duromines?

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Posted by: Baby Girl | 2008/11/05

Ladies Duromine works i lost 4kg in two weeks.You just have to make sure that you eat healty and excerise at least 3 times a week and you drink lots of water.

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Posted by: lee | 2008/11/05

Hi there Fely
You have to get a prescription from your doctor.
They are not pills that you buy over the counter. You
have to go &  see your doctor so that they can prescribe it for you if they think that you really need it.

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Posted by: Fely | 2008/11/04

Hi all please help where can I get Duromines im so overweight I can barley breathe. Do you need a prescription?

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Posted by: Fely | 2008/11/04

Hi all please help where can I get Duromines im so overweight I can barley breathe. Do you need a prescription?

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Posted by: Fely | 2008/11/04

Hi all please help where can I get Duromines im so overweight I can barley breathe. Do you need a prescription?

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Posted by: G-U | 2008/11/01

Help. Where do I get duromine? I need it.

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Posted by: LADY | 2008/10/31

I started using duromine about 3 weeks ago. I must say that i have lost weight. The only problem i have besides not sleeping is that i have a pain at the side of my head which puts pressure on my skull and causes extream pain and headaches. I went to the doctor and he said i should try physio. I will because before duromine i wasted lots of money with diet products that did not work. After a couple of days i see the pain is subsidding. But i should still go for physio.

Stick out the side effects,loosing weight is worth it!!!

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Posted by: Flash | 2008/10/29

Duromine works and works brilliantly...


1. Take it very early in the morning preferably before 8am
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week.
3. Duromine suppreses your cravings so eat regularly but choose what you eat.
4. For truly shocking results:

4.1 no alcohol, fizzy drinks, cakes and anything containing sugar
4.2 no pastries, white bread and white flour products
4.3 no carbs after 6pm eg: pasta
4.4 run 3 times a weeks for a minimum 20min at a time

U guys should pay me for

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Posted by: Elna | 2008/10/28

Im using Duromine 30mg for 4 days, and i experience different effects everday. The one night i didn' t sleep, but you don' t feel dead tired the next day-strange. I ' ve got a lot of energy.And the one day, i had a very dry mouth. But most of the time, i' ve got the feeling that i' m past hunger, and you don' t feel like eating.
I also paid R216.00 at Clicks.
I still have my 3 small meals a day, with fruit/fat-free yogurt,and i gym for an hour 3 day' s a week. Results are showing.

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Posted by: Glen | 2008/10/27

Hi Peachy

Its R174 for 15mg and R216 for 30mg at Clicks. I think its the same at Dis-Cheme.

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Posted by: Peachy | 2008/10/26

Hey there!

I live in jhb. I see that you have to go to your docter to get duromine. How much does the product cost per month? Probably the 15mg.

Thank you!

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Posted by: FEZ | 2008/10/24

Its my 8th day on duromine and I am feeling sick like I am about to loose my mind, I dont know whether I should continue or stop. I am loosing weight coz I am trying to eat healthy and I am exercising. Please advise whether this will pass.

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Posted by: Janina | 2008/10/22

I had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and also started using Duromine 15mg. I haven`t lost anything on the scale and i feel fatter than ever! Is there someone out there that can tell me what is going on!! I need to lose 20kg very quickly!! Why is the Duromine not working for me or is it the adjustment my body is having after the operation?

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Posted by: Renette | 2008/10/21

My sister is extremely constipated since using Duramine. Is this normal, what can she do. Eats a lot of fruit and prot, but cuts back on carbs.

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Posted by: Anne | 2008/10/02


Have started Duromine 30mg today... must admit that after reading some of the things posted I was a bit nervous (side effects sound terrible) I am feeling well though - have not been hungry at all!! I have a wedding in Nov with some family I have not seen in 13yrs and I have put on quite a bit of weight since then (+-35kg) I have tried all different things to loose the weight over the years and have now turned to Duromine - I hope it will work for me!! I exersize for 40min a day and drink 2lt or more water a day and am trying to eat healthy - the temptations got to much for me sometimes (working against all my other efforts) and this is what the Duromine (I hope) will help me to avoid...

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Posted by: Josette | 2008/09/16

Hi Everyone,

Can someone tell me how much it costs and also can I pay using my medical aid?


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Posted by: Marilet | 2008/09/15

Hallo everyone,

Can you please tell me is there something other than Duromine that you can purchase without a subscription that works the same way Duromine does???

I want to lose 25Kg in 5 months...

Any help please?????????????

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Posted by: Danelle | 2008/09/08

Also, do not drink too much coffee or normal tea during the day. 3 cups are more than enough. Instead take rooibos tea with honey. Duromine has a lot of caffeine in it and a lot of coffee with that makes it worse and can damage your heart in the long run. Be wise and eat healthy while using duromine otherwise you will gain everything once you stop using it. Also, exercise while using it. Start getting into a routine. You will feel more energetic while using Duromine. Start creating a good habbit, eat right and exercise. Good luack ladies. Duromine works.

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Posted by: Dippies | 2008/09/08

I used Duromine a few years back and lost a whopping 36 kg in 3 months. The best is to drink it at 6 in the morning with your tea or coffee. By 10 at night the effect will be long gone. And if you still struggle to sleep, take Nutura Rescue (6 pills under the tonguw) it' s herbal with no side effects and help get rid of the anxiety caused by Duromine. Keep it up! The struggles are worthwhile.

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Posted by: Mintu | 2008/08/29

I started using Duromines 3 days ago and yes, i had a very hard time sleeping tuesday night - in fact, i was wide awake the whole night. I' ve been advised by a friend to rather take it after 1a.m. but before - i' ve been able to sleep much better.

And ... i' ve lost abt 1.6kg in 3 days - i ain' t finish with these yet ... :-)

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Posted by: Tona | 2008/08/13


I also used duromines but yep i also struggled to sleep and more than that I had headaches and severe pain on my chest. Dry mouth was also one of the side effect but that was not a problem as it helped me drink lots of water.

I recently got a prescrptionand bought them again but i can' t get myself to drink them cause i am scared of having that chest pain again.

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Posted by: Ruby | 2008/08/12

Hi April,

Unfortunately one of the side effects of Duromine is that you might struggle to sleep at night. Try to drink it as early as possible, that might help.

And you must remember to still eat while on Duromine. Duromine is supposed to help you eat less, but you still have to eat otherwise you will definitely feel the hunger pains at night.

Other than the sleeplessness I really did not have any other side effects while using Duromine and I used it on and off for about 5 years.

Good luck with the weight loss.

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