Posted by: Kate | 2004/12/14


Ugly Fanny

Hi there,
I think i have the most ugly fanny. I've never had children but my outer lips are stretched and purple. They hang down and are wrinkled. I don't like it when my husband goes down on me cause then he gets a full view. When i wear a costume, it looks terrible. I haven't had sex with many men either.

Is there something I can do about this? I heard some women can have surgery to make it look better.

Is this a turn off for men cause my husband and I dont have sex often.

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Posted by: Cornay | 2004/12/15

hun, do urself a favor and page thru a porn magazine.... sum of the worlds ugliest fannies in there, i promise u! but its definately a case of different strokes for different okes - just the fact that ur husband is prepared to go down on u, is prove that he doesnt think u hav an ugly fanny. stop worrying what it looks like and start enjoying what it feels like!

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Posted by: rocco | 2004/12/14

hi kate i would really like to meet you . your fanny is what dreams are made off . nothing nicer than -|- lips clinging to a big -|- . you are welcome to phone me 0720214406

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Posted by: hubbly bubbly | 2004/12/14

what do u expect from a fanny and how do u know its ugly,unless u have compared it with an 18 year old.lips hanging out like a dog means that it has been well -|- ed and all -|- ed up.not many men u say but let me tell u that just one man can do it .so enjoy whats left of it i say.

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Posted by: GBB | 2004/12/14

There is no such thing as an ugly fanny. A fanny like that would drive me wild.

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Posted by: hubby | 2004/12/14

that sounds like a nice fanny....mmm....stretched wow
my favourite...purple ..nice...describe clit plse

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Posted by: Njara | 2004/12/14

Poes is poes, al hang dit aan n perd

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Posted by: JHB | 2004/12/14

They are all lelik maar lekker!

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Posted by: Feline | 2004/12/14

Kate - I don't think vaginas are the most attractive looking part of the body on any female - just as well its neatly tucked away! Why do you feel so self conscious - has your husband mentioned anything? If not, I think maybe you are worrying for nothing.

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Posted by: Joe Soap | 2004/12/14

EEEW, if its as bad as you describe it! But im sure your husband doesn't mind. Let him go down on you, enjoy it.

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Posted by: fish | 2004/12/14

Enjoy what you have coz not so many women have that kind of a fanny.

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