Posted by: Kim | 2013-01-19


Tribuss vs Atripla

Hi Doc

I would like to know the differencw between the two?my doc prescribes Atripla and the pharmacist gave me Tribuss. I only saw it when i got home.

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Posted by: worried | 2015-06-27

I've started taking ARVs(tribuss) a month ago, and i've been sweating every night, could this be a concern or will the sweats stop.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-05-26

I started using atroiza but on ma second visit at the health centre was given tribuss withou t any explanation why?what if I get shapeless wth this

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Posted by: Jacob | 2015-03-30

What effect does it have if one doesn't take Tribuss for 2days

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Posted by: Stranger | 2014-06-05

Hi, i found that i was hv infected and my cd4 was 180 i started to take tribuss and i was taking them from clinic and i went to check and the doctor say's everythngs is copyng very well i wanna knw if i buy ths drug frm nearest store coz i am wrkng whch makes it hard for me to come back to my local clinic to take the treatment evry months?????????

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Posted by: chikoman | 2014-04-16

How much does tribuss cost for a month supply roughly in south africa

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Posted by: LEBO | 2014-03-10


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Posted by: annelia | 2014-02-16

I thank god for the scientist on creating such medication even though it cant help people to be negetive but im glad that im healthy and i feel strong since i started using the tribuss everything went well with my life. taking one pill it means a lot to me. im not afraid because even though i cant be negetive but continueing taking the pill i will test negative. doctors keep on doing the good work healing the nation.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-02-12

i just started with Atripla and im experiencing lot of things which i never has before, my private part is iching, i have diahrrea im starting to regret the change ive made i think i will go back to what i was using before i has none of this and my viral load is undetected and my CD count is 678 but im afraid that they might drop bcoz of diahrrea. if they are working for you good as we are different and we will react differently to the same medicine

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013-12-12

I'm also on tribuss for almost a year now. What I've noticed is that I'm gaining weight on my face, neck and have developed some kind of a hunch on the back of my neck. What should I do, do I change my diet?

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Posted by: Kay | 2013-10-26

I have two week taking the tribuss and m it normal to have rash on my feet,hands nd my at my back?

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Posted by: Ayola | 2013-09-30

My prescription is Atripla but now the phamarcy gave me Tribuss. So far Atripla is good for me n niw Im scared of this new medication because of what pple complain about it. Must I drink or send it back

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Posted by: preggy | 2013-07-25

nose bleed its 3days since I started Tribuss never had nosebleed before

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013-03-22

Good day all. Tribuss is the generic tablets of Atripla. What does that mean? The medicine was initially discovered by Atripla, which means they are the custodians of the medicine, it costed them to discover, develop and test the efficiency of the drug. According to law, though differs from one country to another, the discoverer of a drug is given a protected period (patent) of about +- ten years to produce and sell the product without competiotion for it costed them a fortune to come up with the drug. When that period expires, other companies are now allowed to manufature the same drug, that is what we call generic. The prices for generic medicines are normally lower because the cost now is to manufature or produce. No discovery costs is incurred. So Tribuss has got the same ingridients with Atripla. The difference is just the names. Tribuss is cheaper because it did not cost them to discover. Google generic medicine for more information.

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Posted by: ree | 2013-02-16

it''s difficult to be specific as it differs with people. but it''s usually halusination,night mares,dizzyness. but should not last very long

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Posted by: madley | 2013-02-15

Started tribuss 2day,what side affects can I expect?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-08-18

we are all different indivisuals, you might not experience any side effects at all...i've also started 3 days ago and i'm staying possitive about it, i refuse to let others influence me in any way! stay positive and you will be fine! take care!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2013-06-24

vivid dreams, rash, vomiting

Posted by: Chipochedenga | 2013-02-12

My doctor told me to take Tribuss, what r the side effects.. I''m not on any ARVs yet my CD4 count is still fine. What r the side effects that i should expect...

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Posted by: Anele | 2013-02-12

Am on Tribuss it''s been a year but am always tiered and sleepy. And I also expirience sores in my private part.

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Posted by: Mango | 2013-01-24

LOL hayi Ndile ungade usithi Love i snake hahaaa.

Atripla/Tribuss is good thugh.

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Posted by: Ndile | 2013-01-23

Tribuss and Atripla there is no different dear. I am on tribuss and so far so good. i can wait for my next digits.


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Posted by: Mmetse | 2013-01-19

It''s a generic of Atripla. My dr also prescribed Atripla and pharmacist gave me tribuss. I was devastated and my dr told me that there''s actually no difference, except their manufacturets. I''ve been taki Tribuss for over a year now and my viral load is undetectable. Get an opinion from your dr and medical aid.

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Posted by: Thato | 2014-07-16

hi mmetse pls advise me on how did u ended up with undetectable cd 4 counts as im also been on tribuss for a year now but my viral load keep shooting to the sky nothing is ever ok with my health im now changed to atripla ,pls help im worried

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