Posted by: NewVeg | 2006/10/13



Where can I buy tofu in the South of Jo'burg? The stores here have never heard of such a thing!

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Posted by: slr | 2007/02/08

where? or even Joburg, if need be.

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Posted by: Jo | 2007/01/19


Earth Products make tofu - you can get it plain or smoked. I like the smoked one.

They have it in health shops, at spar and at checkers and pick and pay. Normally they keep it in the vicinity of the cheese.

Good luck


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Posted by: Lily | 2006/12/02

The chinese supermarket's name is YAT KEE, 16 Derrick Road, Cyrildene between Marcia and Lionel Streets. They stock fresh tofu.

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Posted by: Lily | 2006/11/30

Jan its a chinese deli/supermarket.....don't have the exact Derrick Street but I will get the name and no next time and post it for you.

Its close to the the main road that runs through Cyrildene, if you turn right into Derrick off the main road, I think its called Marcia St...park where you can get parking and walk up on the right hand side, if half way down the street before the next T-juction. Ask anyone where the supermarket is and they will direct you. There are lots of little chinese restaurants along the way.

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Posted by: Jan | 2006/11/28

Please tell me the address of the shop in Cyrildene that sells tofu. Woolworths has discontinued it. Thanks

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Posted by: KeenVeggie | 2006/10/19

Thanks Lily, you have answered my question

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Posted by: Lily | 2006/10/19

Hi New Veg, Yes, the its in Bronkhorstspruit, takes about 1 hr to get there from JHB. Cyriledene is near Eastgate/Bruma.

KeenVeggie, not sure what your question is, do you want to know how to get to Nan Hua Temple? You take the Witbank freeway and turn off at the Delmas/Bronkhortspruit turnoff 477, turn left and travel along until you get to a T-junction, where you will turn right, you will be able to see the Temple from the junction. You turn left into the temple, signposted.

If your question is where is there a temple in JHB, you would have to do a search on the net. There is a buddhist org in Kensington, they have regular meetings, get togethers and meditations.

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Posted by: NewVeg | 2006/10/18

Thanks Lily!

And thanks for all the ideas... Now I just have to find Cyrildene on the map...... :-)

Is the Nan Hua Temple the one near Bronkhorstspruit?

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Posted by: KeenVeggie | 2006/10/17

Thanks Lily - now tell me where to get Nan Hua Buddhist Temple around Joburg?

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Posted by: Lily | 2006/10/16

sorry that should read "cheese cake" and not case.....:)

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Posted by: Lily | 2006/10/16

Tofu is Bean Curd, its made from soya beans, actually soya milk, so its more like cheese, you can buy it silken, (softer) dried, and firm. Its delicious stirfried, deep fried or braised but has no taste. It takes on the taste of the spices/sauces, so do buy mushroom soya sauce and/blackbean & garlic sauce. Also delicious with a sweet chilli sauce and salad. You can make "scrambled eggs" even a cheese case using tofu. You only have to google "tofu recipes" to get ideas. Its high in protein, contains no cholesterol and very low fat, unlike other cheeses. If you eat at a chinese restaurant ask for bean curd recipes, one delicious one is the "monks dish" as buddhist monks are all vegetarian. Has anyone eated at the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple? All their dishes are vegetarian.

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Posted by: KeenVeggie | 2006/10/16

Sorry guys, what is Tofu?

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Posted by: Lily | 2006/10/13

Call Pick 'n Pay, because they should stock it. Perhaps if you ask for it, they will make an effort.

If you ever come to Cyrildene (near Bruma/Eastgate) there is a supermarket who stocks fresh tofu cubes you get 6 huge cubes which fit into a 2L Ice cream container at a squeeze for only
R6-00. If you are interested I can get the name of the supermarket and address for you.

They also sell dried tofu (looks like dried lasagne) Alternatively you can buy it from a health food shop, don't know any in your area. Try Spar (they stock tofu in Bedfordview) as well as Pick 'n Pay. If you ask for it, perhaps they will stock it.

The fresh tofu from Chinatown in Cyrildene keeps quite well in salt water in the fridge for approx 5-7 perhaps make an outing of it once a week, go for lunch at one of the restaurants, can recommend an excellent Thai restaurant in Cyrildene who has the best vegetarian menu in JHB!

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Posted by: Sibusiso | 2014/04/24

Can u send directions of Cyrildene (near Bruma/Eastgate) there is a supermarket who stocks fresh tofu cubes

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