Posted by: Nemises | 2007/08/15



Has any one heard of this "wonder juice" called Timjan which supposedly works very well in lowering a persons sugar levels?
I saw it in the bottle store and even the person working there was telling me how fantastic this "juice" is and how so many people were trying it. Perhaps someone cashing in again on a wonder cure for a whole lot of ailments.

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Posted by: Mr B | 2014/01/04

I'm currently on it... the vile taste is awefull! But my friend who recommended it to me said it helped him and his wife.

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Posted by: Nemises | 2007/09/25

Well perhaps there is something better out there - I recently heard about a tablet called IMSYSER .... also one of those miracle tablets that cures all. Still want to try it out as i just cant get that vile Timjan over my lips ....

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Posted by: Lyndi | 2007/09/25

Hi - TimJan is indeed vile & wonderful ! I have been on it for +- 4 yrs. I just wish it could be alcohol free !!

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Posted by: Garry | 2007/09/21

Hi guys, I am 43, male, non smoker, type 1 diabetic last 16 years. Reasonable control of blood sugars, but like most, could be better. Started TimJan recently following recommendation from a South African friend in the UK. Found to be VILE tasting but does help me! (Lots) I am in the import/export business so made some enquiries. Long and short of it is I now export TIMJAN from South Africa and place it around the World. I'm not in the business to make wild claims of miracle cures, so I won't. It works well enough for me to justify huge personal investment in the product in order to open up TimJan to the World. Email me if you want more info? Good luck to you all and God Bless! Garry

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Posted by: nico | 2014/06/22

Ca you plz sent me your number or email adres plz my number is 0 79 905 5270

Posted by: nico | 2014/06/22

Ca you plz sent me your number or email adres plz my number is 0 79 905 5270

Posted by: Heather | 2014/04/22

I have moved from South Africa to Holland. Do you export Tim Jan to Holland?

Posted by: Isabel | 2007/08/23


Feels good to be in control of it doesn't it?

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Posted by: Nemises | 2007/08/20

Thank you Isabel, Thank you Lee .... really appreciate all the help and tips - already a difference this morning with my readings, at long last it is below 10. Now to keep it that way.

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Posted by: Isabel | 2007/08/17

2 hours is the optimal time to wait and then test. Just remember, your body still needs sugar, you just need to give it differently i.e. rice, baby potatoes, pasta. Eating breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, supper and late night snack will keep your metabolism going i.e. it won't have a reason to slow down as you are eating and feeding your body regularly. It will take a while but eventually your body will "get into the habit" that you will feed it and it doesn't overcompensate by converting everything into fat and sugar immediately. I know that sounds silly but it happens.

I will admit, I've had times where I eat only 1 meal a day and keep my sugar up with a quick nibble on a chocolate or a sip of fruit juice - real cute and clever and I did pay the price. Once I start eating regularly, my weight gain is phenomenal - 3 kg in two weeks - and then I'm very sorry and regret it and get back into the habit.

What does help though is, I follow my diet strictly for 6 days and on the 7th day I eat EVERYTHING - chocolates, ice cream, everything sweet that I can get my hands on. I'm as SICK as a dog from all the sugar, but I can face my diet again on Sunday! And by sick I mean SKY HIGH SUGAR READINGS - 25, 37, 45 etc. Yes, I know, not good, but that one day of cheating allows me to stick to the diet for the next six days and as time goes by, the urge to cheat disappears.

Hope this helps - just remember, while I may be able to eat granny smith apples a dozen at a time with no effect on my sugar levels, you may not be so lucky. Test and experiment with foods first. It's interesting to see how your body reacts to different foodstuffs.


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Posted by: Nemises | 2007/08/16

It is fabulous to be able to chat to people who are so knowledgable on Diabetes. Isabel, please help me here - if i want to check how certain foods effect my sugar levels do i wait 2 hours after eating and then test to get the correct results. I am still experiencing a lot of hunger pangs and need to control this even though i try and only eat Low GI foods. I am about 5kg over weight (since I stopped smoking 10 months ago) but i also check my weight constantly so that i dont pick up any more weight - needless to say i cant seem to shake the the extra 5kg either.

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Posted by: Isabel | 2007/08/16

Just remember, your body needs sugar, whether you're diabetic or not. Low GI foods convert to sugar but at a steady level and over a longer period. For me, when I crave sweets, I eat a bowl of basmati rice or some steamed baby potatoes - works like a charm. Protein does nothing except chase up the sugar levels with me. The basmati rice, satisfies the hunger cramps and satisfies the cravings. Pasta is also a winner in that regard.

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Posted by: Nemises | 2007/08/16

Thanks for the advice Lee, I am definately going to try out the protein snacks and see how it goes.

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Posted by: Lee | 2007/08/16

it is sometimes recommended that you snack on protein. I don't get cravings for sweet goods much. but my choices of snacks (i do sometimes crave something to just snack on...) are generally nuts, biltong, and sometimes droewors. before i was diagnosed i did not drink any softdrinks (at all, not even the sugar free ones...), but since i have had a few diet drinks (they tend to fill the "gap" for me in between meals when i need it, but i don't have this often at all...). i think one of the more difficult things is that sometimes one tends to substitute the sugar for something which is not that good for you in the long run also...

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Posted by: Nemises | 2007/08/16

Well they say nothing ventured nothing gained, I bought a bottle of Timjan and i understand why the call it the "wonder juice" - you wonder how the hell you are going to swallow this vile tasting stuff - yuck - i am going to give it a bash for a couple of weeks and see if it helps.
I am so used to levels of over 10 in the mornings even on insulin that any remedy that might work will suit me fine.
I am still in the trying stages and still have to work around finding out exactly what works for me.
Can someone just give me advice on what to eat when the "sugar cravings" grip me - I just want choclates - which i never craved when i was on tablets, now on insulin i want choclates every night.

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Posted by: Isabel | 2007/08/15

I have heard of the properties of Aloe Ferox for blood sugar reduction. I haven't tried it myself but please, just remember, what might work for some diabetics, might not work for you.

The list of "cures" is endless for diabetes. And what everyone seems to forget is that what works for one, might not work for another. I can eat honey, Pablo can't because it causes high sugars for him. I can't eat red apples as it causes high sugar but green, sour granny smith apples have no effect. I can eat nectarines with no effect on my sugar levels. What works for one, might not work for another - try, test and see.

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Posted by: Isabel | 2007/08/15

I'll be sceptical purely because of where it's sold ;-)

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Posted by: lee | 2007/08/15

I heard about timjan a number of years ago, but it was not asmainstream then. Recently saw it in my local Spar! It is made of aloe ferox, which has it's own health benefits. As to whether it lowers glucose levels I do not know. See their website at www dot timjanwonderjuice dot co dot za. On the site I see the following reference to diabetes:

Reduces Blood Sugar in Diabetes
Aloe reduced the blood sugar levels in diabetics, as reported in Hormone Research. Five patients with adult (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes were given 1/2 teaspoon of aloe extract daily for up to 14 weeks. Blood sugar levels were reduced in all patients by an average of 45%, with no change in their total weight.

Also see www dot newstarget dot com/021858 dot html

These natural remedies are probably not all bad for you (like antioxidants and vitiamins). these cannot cure diabetes though. One should really just be aware that there are some out there only in it for the cash...

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