Posted by: flubber | 2005/09/15


sukkel om gewig te verloor!

hi,ek is tans my 9 de week by weigh-less. ek het maar 5,4kg verloor. ek voel baie ontmoedig,want ek probeer regtig hard! ek drink nie water nie en oefen nie. verder hou ek 100 persent op my eetplan en as ek uitgaan maak ek moeite om reg te eet. ek kan 1 klein dingetjie verkeerd eet,dan sal ek die week optel,my dogter van 19 het selfde tyd aangesluit,en het so 5kg kroek met slaptjips en gewone coke en chocolates en sy verloor nogsteeds! sy het net 11 kg gehad om te verloor en ek moet 45kg verloor.hoe werk dit? dit ontmoedig my sommer!

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Posted by: flubber | 2005/10/02

baie dankie vir jul raad!Ek sal myself maar dwing om water te drink.Ek weet dis goed vir mens!Terloops et.baie geluk met jou gewigsverlies so ver!

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Posted by: Chris | 2005/09/17


Miskien help die onderstaande inligting ook.


The Three Functions Of Cellular Nutrition:
· Cleansing
· Absorption
· Regeneration
Modern lifestyles put tremendous toxic strain on our vital organs and glands. The stomach is perpetually stuffed with denatured* foods taken in incompatible combinations. The liver is swollen and strained with the effort of breaking down massive intakes of animal protein and fat as well as drugs and poisons, the pancreas balloons to abnormal size owing to the constant demand for digestive enzymes to process enzymeless foods. The villi and microvilli break off and clog up and the colon gets lined with layer upon layer of glue-like crud that poisons the bloodstream.
Mother Nature will ultimately sentence anyone who consistently breaks the laws of nature to chronic disease and early death. Modern medicine may help you to live longer than your ancestors did, but not better! The number of people in their 50's and 60's with adult onset health problems that lead to heart attacks, cancers and strokes are staggering and unnecessary.

Unless you live an ascetic life far from civilisation and avoid all dietary indiscretion, your blood and other tissues are bound to accumulate toxins and gradually lose their functional vitality If you don't purge yourself of these toxins on a regular basis, toxicity gets worse and worse, until the body cannot stand it any longer and either purges itself spontaneously in the form of diarrhoea, acne, pimples, boils, liver spots, foul perspiration, body odour, bad breath, and so forth, or else it simply gives up the battle and succumbs to degenerative fatal conditions.
One of the main differences between Cellular Nutrition and other nutritional supplements is that supplements are rarely enough! Simply consuming good food and adding nutritional supplements will not make any difference to the way you feel if your body is unable to fully digest and absorb all nutrition you eat.
Cellular Nutrition makes use of knowledge gained from the botanical world's 6,000 year history and incorporates health building nutritional herbs with the best modern technology to help our bodies cleanse and detoxify so that the cells - the tiniest living units - can be as fully nourished as possible. This allows the cells to grow, repair and to perform their functions with the best possible efficiency so that we feel and look better and are more able to prevent and fight disease. Once the body begins to clear itself of toxins it can more efficiently absorb nutrition.

Food molecules drift along the microvilli and are attacked by various enzymes until they're small enough to pass through the villi and into the bloodstream.
The chemical breakdown of foods begins in the mouth with the actions of enzymes in the saliva and continues along the digestive tract to the small intestine, where most "digestion" and absorption of nutrient molecules takes place.
The small intestine has a number of features designed to maximise its absorption capacity The most obvious is its length. About 6.5 metres long it is coiled upon itself and packed neatly into the abdominal cavity. Its inside surface, about 3.8 cm in diameter is folded and ridged to further increase the surface and absorption area. Close study reveals that these folds and ridges are covered with millions of tiny finger-like projections called Villi. Seen under a microscope, the surface of the cells lining the villi display the individual absorptive cells bristling with even smaller finger-like projections called the microvilli. If the small intestine were a simple, featureless tube it would have an inside surface area of about four square meters however the above features increase this to a staggering 25O square meters or more greater in area than a soccer field.
During the digestive process the partly broken down remnants of food molecules drift along the microvilli where they're attacked by various enzymes until they're small enough to pass through the cells of the villi and into the bloodstream. However much of the nutrition we eat never gets into the bloodstream because our villi are -constantly being destroyed by salt, sugar, fat, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, chemicals, medicine, pollution and stress. The scientific term for the aftermath of this destruction is "energetically impaired" which simply means that the villi "break off and become ineffective for optimum nutritional absorption. Nature in its wisdom replaces the villi every three days, but due to our life-style and diet the replacements are poor facsimiles of the ones that break off. In about three days substandard replicas again replace these and so it goes on. Ifs a degenerative downward spiral that can just get worse as each new generation of villi are often just shadows of their former selves (similar to a tenth generation photocopy). With cellular nutrition you've got a chance at stopping the negative progression of the cells and reversing them back to master copy quality.

Cellular Nutrition helps to rebuild and regenerate the villi so that there's more surface area for the nutrients to be absorbed. The enhanced absorption then enables for the new cells, which are generated, some every 36 hours, to be of a better quality. This means the body is rebuilding and regenerating right down at the cellular level.

cdell AT telkomsa DOT net

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Posted by: et | 2005/09/16

Hi flubber,
Wil net se dat ek ook glad nie n water drinker is nie en ook glad nie oefen nie en het baie stadig gewig verloor. Nou het ek by Sarie se eetplan en kompetisie begin (moet se eetplan is dieselfde as weighless). Ek het hierdie week begin en het probeer om elke dal 2l water by die werk te drink en minder koffie te drink (ek's baie lief vir koffie). Verder in die aande maak ek vir my stirfy's van al my vry groente en eet my dik daaraan met my klein porsie proteine.
Dit werk die week het ek al 2.6kg's verloor. Probeer die water ding en eet soveel vry groente as jy kan.
PS: Haat oefeninge en ek doen ook geen oefeninge nie.

Nog iets.... Ek het ook omtrent 40kg om te verloor.


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