Posted by: Wannaknow | 2008/04/04



I am not sure about the spelling ,guys what are the health benefits of using this product? what is it and how does it work? Can I as a positive person use it?

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Posted by: Louiza | 2013/12/02

Cn u pple hlp me y do i get rash on mi testis when using stametta

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Posted by: HLAKA | 2013/09/12

Yababa son yimbi

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Posted by: vho | 2013/09/06

stametta is a very good product i know somebody who is hiv + who had a viral load of 79000 after using stametta it went down to 3000 i also use it and it helped m with my infertility problem (can only help with reverseble infertility (caused by medication eg morning after pill)) i recommend the product!

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Posted by: lastborn | 2013/05/22

does stameta terminate pregnancy?

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Posted by: miranda | 2013/03/14

cud it be harmfull to me if im pregnant?

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Posted by: Linky | 2008/04/04 smells like liqourice but the taste is really bad but bearable

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Posted by: linky | 2008/04/04

Wannaknow, I've used Bodicare Stametta a trilion times, u get it for R19.95 at any chemist or discom. it works wonders but yes it loosens ur stomach. u can try it, i personally guarantee it.

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Posted by: ME TOO | 2008/04/04

My advice is don't even try this products. I've seen the side effects on my brother. If you need to boost your immune or detox, there are more proven products that you can use

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Posted by: lolly | 2008/04/04

that thing has an ugly taste i wont survive drinking it.

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Posted by: Sorry for You | 2008/04/04


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Posted by: KNOWIT | 2008/04/04

it is to boost your immune system, detox your body and keep you healthy. it tastes like cra#p though, and it will loosen you stomach. it contains more aloe than anything.

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Posted by: Lona | 2008/04/04

I don't know about Stameta but I have heard some ppl saying the Gotha products (magogotha twin pack) help them improve immune system even when used in conjuction with ARVs. Have never tried any though

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