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South African sex statistics. (interresting facts)

South African average: 123 times a year

Worldwide sexually active adults were having sex on average 127 times a year. South Africans were not getting lucky as often, having sex an average 123 times a year.

But pity the Singaporeans and Malaysians, who score least often, 96 and 100 times per year respectively.

Although Russians were the least happy about their sex lives, they were in the top three for frequency of sex, averaging 150 days a year.

Hungary, with an average 152 and Bulgaria with 151 a year, topped the sexual encounters list.

South Africans score big on one-night stands

South Africans may not be having as much sex as East Europeans, but they scored high on one-night stands. Sixty one percent of South African respondents had had a one-night stand. Only Denmark (65 percent), Finland (68 percent) and Norway (70 percent) were more prepared to hop into bed for a once-off experience.

South Africans were also quite willing to combine sex and technology — 41 percent admitted to having had phone, cellphone text or email sex.

The United States (54 percent), United Kingdom (52 percent) and Canada (50 percent) were at the forefront of virtual sex.

South Africans should be worried about letting their best friends near their partners — 15 percent of respondents admitted to having slept with their best friend's partners, which is higher than the global average of 10 percent

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Posted by: Skillie | 2005/06/09

Weel nothing really scary exept that I will probably cut of my friend's penis if I see him again!!

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