Posted by: Mixing | 2007-01-31

Side Effects Herbex Slimmers

I have been on Microval for the last 8 years. I have just started using Herbex Slimmers Tablets (Women 40 -60 years). Two questions? Are there any side effects from these Slimming tablets, and is it safe to use with contraception tablets? I am always very cautious when taking any medication. Thank you.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-05-05

hi there. i have been using herbex for just over a month. i have not recieved my period and was wondering if that could have an effect on it, im eating more healthy and have been exercising as well. please advise

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-03-31

Hi I would like to know why can't diabetics use Herbex? Does it bring down the sugar levels or what?

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Posted by: sthandiwe | 2016-03-10

I am 20 years old and I am diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor says the my level of sugar will not decrease unless i try and loose wait. i want to fined out if herbex will help me loose wait or it is just not good for my health

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-01-29

The Last time i checked this comment site was for viewer and people using the herbex product too comment on their results , not you immature brats talking about grammar and shit ... #relalityCheck..its the 21st century .. you got all kinda social networking and funny kind grammar is now pop your head outta yew ass and smell whartzzz cooking ..#BUST# Now who gonna say Shit abwt my grammar ....AF

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Posted by: unknown | 2016-01-21

hi,I am using herbex fat burn tablets for few months and I don't see any change. I ended up ovedosing taking two tablets twice a day instead of I tablet twice a day. do you think something can happen wrong to my health?

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Posted by: cooper | 2016-03-17

To see results you need to eat all brans in the morning and avoid fatty and fuzzy drinks for a month.Eat more greens>

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-02-29

hey, try herbex 'attack the fat' mix 'n drink, it helps a lot. I have been using it for a week now and I noticed a difference in the size of my stomach although it makes you pee a lot

Posted by: nompilo | 2015-12-18

Can i use herbex at the age of 13?what kind of herbex should i use?lastly what are the after effects

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Posted by: nompilo | 2015-12-18

Can i use herbex at the age of 13?what kind of herbex should i use?lastly what are the after effects

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Posted by: nompilo | 2015-12-18

Can i use herbex at the age of 13?what kind of herbex should i use?lastly what are the after effects

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-11-21

Hy,have anyone ever used herbex attack the fat syrup, if so how much did you lose in a month

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Posted by: nita | 2015-11-07

hi I've used herbex I've lost 11kgs in 4mnths herbex does work ask me and I didn't even excercise I just ate healthy and losing weight is not just because we fat it's for ur own health to all that is rude and putting people down, and when u do have high blood it's not for u thanx nita

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-02-15

im worried about side effect i did have juvenile arthritis wen i was 15-21yrs of age bought a starter pack today

Posted by: crispy | 2015-10-14

i used herbex drops but no results i than went for the tea still nothing but i think its because i did not use it daily i skipped some days

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Posted by: Amanda | 2015-09-29

I see here people are rude and they are not even helping. If I read well the label of herbex says that it has green tea and all I know about green tea since I have always been drinking freshpack green tea is that it will make u urinate and poo more because it helps with bowel movements. Now herbex even has another addition which helps with metabolism so definitely if you eat well then drink herbex you will definitely visit the loo more often.the reason why most of you are having headaches and dizziness is because you are not taking enough water. I drink at least 3 litres of water a day.and I rarely get headaches neither do I or have ever felt dizzy. You will definitely have issues with sleeping if you are not eating well. When you want to lose weight you need to make sure that you exercise well at least 30 minutes of exercise, using stairs instead of an elevator, walking instead of driving in town, skipping rope, doing laundry etc. But however the bigger part of weight loss is what you eat. Eat at least 4 to 6 small meals a day. Eat at least 4 to 6 potions of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from fast foods and fizzy drinks or junk food then definitely you will see results. Herbex is an add in helping you to lose weight. It's not supposed to be the main part of the plan.

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Posted by: Mbasa | 2016-02-10

Thanks Amanda, I have been looking for helping comments to this site and its actually my first time hearing something helpful n honesthonest

Posted by: Anon | 2015-09-16

I don't know why people have to get personal and insult others. Maybe it makes people feel superior because they themselves have a low self esteem and need to use insults and foul language to make them feel better. Anyway I just wanted to say I was on Herbex for 4 months. I developed an ulcer, a germ on my stomach and inflamation of the liver. I was hospitalised for 2 weeks. I'm not sure if it was the herbex that caused it or something else. My weight also fluctuated up and down. Now I'm just following my own diet and excercise.

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Posted by: Dimpels | 2015-08-28

Hey there ive been using herbex concentrate for a week now and i find it diffucult to sleep at night...i keep waking up and lie awake...also takes me a whyle to fall this normal..

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-08-26

I'm on a drug called escorting which is to a small degree a blood thinner. Will I be able to use herbex?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-08-09

MOST OF YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SPELL AND LEARN HOW TO ACCURATELY WRITE A SENTENCE AND PERHAPS LEARN HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH WHILE YOU ARE AT IT!!!!! How shocking that you are all almost illiterate! Obviously you are all fat as well as stupid. These products work as a detox as well as a fat burner and appetite suppressant...headaches are normal, if you are drinking the right amount of water, frequent urination is normal too, and the water should aid in avoiding the headaches. A balanced and controlled healthy diet will also help as well as fitting in an exercise regime. Dizziness will come from not eating properly or drinking enough water. And as for the gynaecological problems some of you seem to be facing...go to a doctor for God's sake!!!!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-05-23

I am an English teacher and I know for sure I am going to have nightmares tonight. Not about wanting to get rid of 5kgs, but because the majority of this English-speaking country cannot apply what they are taught in schools and are too lazy to read their setwork books and copy essays from the internet. I am not overweight, I just have a little bit of a stomach and came on here to check for a lazy way to burn the fat away since gym is not always possible with all the marking (of retarded English) I have to do. I guess our kids are doomed to speak poor English, and be overweight. Lord have mercy.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-02-11

You are making a good point I hate it when people write slang in any language on a public platform , at the same time one doesn't need to be rude trying to make a point.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-02-05


Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-10-19

So sad that there is no prescription to boost 'your lack in personality and manners'.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-09-06

You are also a retard...Don't sweat the small shit.... You call me small minded....AND......... You talk about the bigger issues in life, yet you are on a site filled with comments for people who want to lose weight the lazy way...get your fat asses into a gym and eat properly and whilst you are at it go back to school or try and at least read a book once in a while...because you, like the rest of these idiots are also grammatically challenged!!!

Posted by: Don't sweat the small shit | 2015-08-28

It amazing how small minded people worry about little things in life like spelling errors,if something does not affect you,do not worry,there are more important things in life to worry about.there are civil wars,child molestation,human trafficking,,bigger things in life to worry about

Posted by: careen | 2015-07-15

am 16 years old nd iwant to start takn herbex bt thse ppls effects re scaring me nd no one is answering these questions wats goin on here pliz answer....

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Posted by: Kb | 2015-06-07

"Yho" am experiencin' the same thing dizzy, weak and my stomach is running am also so worried i dn't knw wht to do. I'v been using herbex tea for 3 weeks now

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-05-09

Herbex is a waste of time dey nly advertise on tv like its gna wrk bt it doesn't n herbex brand url cnt evn reply 2 da msgs

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-05-06

I started with the Herbex booster fat burn drops. I have headaches is this a side affect? I am 27 and my husband and I is trying for a baby but no luck. Should I stop the drops?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-02-09


Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-07-14

i have been using herbex for a month now n my period is nt coming n pregnancy tests say negative,. so maybe it messes up with ur cycle.

Posted by: nduh | 2015-05-06

If am not mistaken ths question am gona ask is the 5th question. Is it possible to have children in future when you are using products herbex???? Plz unswer ths question immediately!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-04-27

Why these ppl from herbex dnt reply to all the questions posted!? Something fishy here. I think all ppl should stop using this product its a scam.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-04-05

am 17 is it okay for me to use these products

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-03-17

I used HERBEX slimmers weightliss for women tablets for one day (two dosages), I am 17 and I had really bad side effects. On the enclosed leaflet it had a super long list of side effects from all 32 herbs in it and I definitely reacted to more than one of them.

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Posted by: palala | 2015-03-13

i am 20yrs,should i use herbex?my baby is 6mnths old

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-03-03

Why is it that Herbex Consultant or Company is not responding to all the questions above???? Is it that they know it's damaging people or what?????? Curious. Plse respond.

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Posted by: Agnes | 2015-03-02

Its nott suitable when you are breast feeding.

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Posted by: cindy | 2015-02-28

Can you use herbex fat burn tea alone or do you have to use it with all the other herbex products ? Does herbex affects you if you have asthma?

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Posted by: Audrey | 2015-02-25

i have been on herbex syrup for two weeks now and am experiencing headaches daily and difficulty breathing. I also experience some pulling in my head not sure what it is exactly but its like a vein or muscle pulling. Is this normal? I decided to stop taking it because this complications scared me. Does anyone experience this?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-05-25

I also get headaches. I thought is was just me...

Posted by: michell | 2015-03-10

yes, I have been using herbex syrup for a week now and have this terrible headache that doesn't seem to stop even when taking pain killers.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-02-12

herbex dsnt wek u don't exercise and eat the right foods.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-02-06

I have been using the herbex slimmers tables and the syrup for 2 months now, I don't have time to exercise but changed my diet and NOTHING not even a kilo.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-02-05

Hi There I am 51 years old and started using HERBEX SYRUP for about 3 weeks. I haven't had a period for about 6 years or more and now suddenly a period!!! Heavy dark brown :( ... please advise

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-02-02

Hi, i have been using herbex slimmers tea and Hlasela amafutha syrup....but now m feeling nauseous and dizzy m also getting mild headaches. It safe for me to continue? and m always tired, i don't know it its the travelling that gets to me. But i must say it does suppress appetite so thats a good abt it for now. Is the sore and runny tummy normal? coz m experiencing that as well. I am 35 yrs old. your prompt response response will be greatly appreciated MaPotwana

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-10-18

This Herbex simply does not work .Its a gimmick ,I'm throwing mine in the dust bin ,it nearly killed me health wise and I have gained 5kg instead with regular exercise five times a week for an hour .Wadte of money and a sure death sentence .This a qualified dr speaking to you ladies .Hit the gym and eat healthy .

Posted by: anonymous | 2015-02-01

Hi ppl can a person who take other meds like for blood pressure, diabetes or hiv use herbex products? Is it safe and why are some ppl complaining about bleeding???

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Posted by: babes | 2015-01-20

I started today with booster fat burn drops and slimmers tea and syrup. I agree with headache I feel it too. now my question is will using this product have an effect on me getting pregnant in the future.? am 25 and dont have a chid yet

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Posted by: Hi my name is Ria | 2015-01-04

I've used herbex drops and tablets for between 40-60 and had wonderful results loose a lot of weight but leave it then and in this time without it had a triple hart bypass high blood pressure high cholesterol and are using blood thinning med and want to start again on herbex as soon as 5th January 2015 but read on the products that I can't use it because of the blood thinning meds. my question is why please because herbex is the only thing that helped me in the past. Thank you for a wonderful product although I gain all the weight again and more but that's my own fault!!!!!!

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Posted by: Deshni | 2014-12-12

I have been using herbex fat burn tablets over a week and I am already seeing good results, but I am experiencing headaches, heaving bleeding as well as swelling feet. I am a diabetic and have been suffering with chronic uti I stll continue on the herbex diet.

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Posted by: Mandy | 2014-11-18

I'm 26 years old,i started using Herbex for 1 week.i'm experiencing havy Headache,i'm bleeding a lot frm my vagina as if i'm on periods fr more than 7days.i eat alot.i can't take this anymore,i decided to stop using Herbex coz I don't know if it's good to continue with it or what.Pls help me,i really need to loose weight!!

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Posted by: Tebogo | 2015-12-07

Hay Mandy. Im not a professional but i used to weigh 96kg and now i weigh 84kg. Losing weight is hard, but not impossible. I became a vegetarian four four months just to teach myself discipline before i felt ready to change up my diet. I then went on a no starch/ no carb diet for a couple of months and got back amazing results. All i ate was reasonably small amounts of meat and loads of veggies and fruits. In the end i lost 12kg in about 4 months. Food is delicious but can kill you if overeaten, so teach yourself discipline first then go for the challenge and im sure u will lose tons!

Posted by: portia | 2014-11-06

hi im 18 years of age im fat and i certainly wanna loose weight even if it takes the whole year i dont knw if it is a right thing to do to use herbex at ma age can any1 assist ne of which product to use inorder for me to loose weight i hate my body im looking much older because of ma weight

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Posted by: pemmy | 2014-10-31

1month and 2weeks I lost 5kg using herbex tea and syrup. Herbex really works

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Posted by: Amanda | 2014-10-09

I bought herbex slimmers tablets for 40-60 years by mistake,im 25,is it safe for me to use it?

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Posted by: Amanda | 2014-10-02

Hi Im thirteen years old and i would like to start using herbex,me and my mom have been talking about it,do you think it is a good Idea?

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Posted by: Tebogo | 2015-12-07

Hay Amanda. 13 is pretty young to start relying on pills to make you thinner. You are very lucky because you have your youth my baby. First try involving yourself in fun activities such as swimming or netball. Slimming medication should be a last resort for such a young baby like you.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-10-30


Posted by: heaven | 2014-09-22

Wow I'm impressed with the + feedback

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Posted by: ria | 2014-08-27

I am 19 years old and would like to use the herbex slimmer tablet.I am however concerned that it might have an impact in future when I'd like to fall pregnant

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Posted by: Monique | 2014-07-19

Is it safe to give Herbex to my 11 year old boy?

Reply to Monique | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Tebogo | 2015-12-07

Monique, it wouldn't be fair to him if you did that. You will be incouraging him to be lazy and rely on medication and short cuts when it comes to metaining his health. He is very young and has a youthful advantage over weight gain. Please try involving him in fun activities such as swimming or karate e.g before resorting to pumping meds into his vulnerable body.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-06-25

good day,i have just started using herbex tea and mix and drink,my problem is i have high blood pleasure, so is it good for me?

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Posted by: The girl | 2014-06-23

I am 22 years old and I have been using herbex for a little over a year now, I use the tea these days as I have seen it works better than the fat attack syrup. When my diet is normal (eating healthy meals 3 times a day it works). The thing is I am a bulimic with anorexic tendencies so my weight is always fluctuating, for me using herbex is more of a control thing... I use it mostly to maintain my weight so I keep it within a certain range. I hope herbex doesn't have any side effects because on top of the damage my eating disorders are already doing to my body it'd be tragic if herbex is doing damage as well. Goodluck everyone using herbex it does work, promise.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-06-23

Hi >>> im 23 years old and i want to loose wieght and i want to know which is suitable for me. Can i also stop the meds after i have lost my desired wiegth? are there any side effects and what are they?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-05-28

Is it ok to start using herbex at 16 and Wat r the side effects???

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Posted by: NQOBILE MTHABELA | 2014-05-09


Posted by: sipho | 2014-03-26

hi am using herbex tea does it burn fat?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-02-11

yes I have been drinking the tea and does really work the only reason I stopped was because it effected asthma

Posted by: Siyonwaba | 2014-03-17

Am a 24 young woman a want to start using herbex product n which product is sweatable for me.thank you

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Posted by: lindokuhle | 2014-03-06

can i use herbex at the age of 16?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-02-19

I am 45 yrs woman and i want to start taking herbex syrup but my problem is,i have athritis and i am taking ridaq for hypertension,is there maybe a problem if i can use it.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-03-18

I have high blood pressure and using herbex pills 40-60 , I am losing weight and my blood pressure is controlled.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-02-06

I started taking Herbex last week and I am now suffering from headaches. Is anyone else experiencing headaches as a side effect? I wanna continue using it because I've lost 2kg's in 1 week.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016-06-22

I have just started taking Herbex. The results are great. I experienced headaches, upset stomach. I stopped it for one day and no headache! Started again and the headaches came back. Great product though for quick results

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-01-30


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Posted by: Nqobile | 2014-01-17

I'm a young woman 19 years of age,I want to lose weight but my problem is if I exercise I become muscular like a man. What can I do not to have muscles?

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Posted by: barbie | 2014-01-11

you can....ere are no side effects and its 100% guaranteed to work

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Posted by: mlucia | 2014-01-07

i wud lyk 2 used herbex but my problem is it myt take away ubudoda bami

Reply to mlucia | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Sneshy | 2014-07-23

There is a herbex range for men. i dont think it will take away ubudoda bakho. im a woman and id be impressed if my man used herbex if he needed to.

Posted by: anon | 2014-01-06

Can I use herbex while breastfeeding?

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Posted by: anon | 2014-01-06

Can I use herbex while breastfeeding?

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Posted by: Sneshy | 2014-07-23

i dont think you need to use anything to assist you with weight loss whilst breastfeeding. In fact after my pregnancy breast feeding is what aided me to lose weight. I thought my grandmother was crazy when she told me I would lose the weight quicker if i breastfed, oh grandma was right!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-01-06

I have been using herbex attack the fat tea since last week and now my body is not feeling good! I get dizzy every now and then, weak and tired! Is it because my body has not adjusted to it yet? Hai I'm worried

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013-12-04

What are the side effects of Herbex, I find it to be too good to be true, doing all those wonders people talk about but what is the negative side of it, it must have one like any "amazing product".

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Posted by: Liz Fourie | 2013-11-26

I am 69 year of age, not very mobile due to lung problems and using oxygen. I have now developed a big tummy. cab I take herbex for this.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013-11-19

it takes my monthly periods away is it normal

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Posted by: lavo | 2013-08-01

is it advisable to take herbex with epilepsy med? what are the side effects? is it guaranteed to work?

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