Posted by: Jowie | 2008/02/29


School around Gauteng for Cerebral Palsy child

I'm have a 6 years old daughter who has cerebral Palsy/physically challenged and looking for a school that can accomodate her. Currently she attends a good normal creche, but her behaviour is a challenge to them.

If there's a parent out there or anyone that knows of a school -
around Gauteng that caters for CP kids, could you please let me know.

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Posted by: Nicole Soames | 2014/07/23

Hi all, I am currently studying my honours in psychology degree at the university of Witwatersrand, and for my thesis I have decided to interview mothers who have a child with cerebral palsy. If any of you are willing to be interviewed please will you let me know. This will not be a long interview, and is purely for academic purposes so I can find out more about your experiences. If you possibly know of any support groups that mothers attend, could you refer me to those so I can give them a call as well. Your help would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Nicole Contact:

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Posted by: Faith's Auntie | 2014/05/08

I'm a very concerned Aunt, my Niece is only 8 years old n needs a school for kids with CP. We live in johannesburg email me pls my sister is a single mom and can't affored the expensinve schools. Thanx

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/01/20

my child has cp am also looking for a school for her,its so hard pliz help

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Posted by: Ashley Heine | 2014/07/09

Our website is Email: Ashley Heine

Posted by: Ashley Heine | 2014/07/09

Hi We saw your post on health 24. We are a special needs school in Blairgowrie catering for multiple disabilities. I’ll give you a link to our website but don’t hesitate to email with any further questions. Warm regards Ashley Heine

Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/12/29

Hi I have 7 yrs old son who has cp and iam lookng 4 school for hm either boardingor day.iam based in the east rand in phumula opposite to spriuteview

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Posted by: Dinky's Mom | 2008/05/26


There is also a lovely school in Parktown called Little Feats. Beautiful setup for disabled and semi mobile children. The owner of the school is also fantastic. I only have her cell number though, if you are interested, please mail me on shantalh at and I will give you the details.

There are also some in the Johannesburg CBD area, The Talk Shop and The Language Unit. I don't have their numbers though.

My daughter is 3, and has recently been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. It's great finally having a diagnosis, so that we can move forward from the battery of tests, but it is incredibly difficult to deal with. Do any other Mom's here have children with the same syndrome? I have no idea what to plan for long term.

Does anyone know of a special school in the Morningside/Rivonia/Gallo Manor area? Would be for a speech and physically impared child.


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Posted by: DMS | 2008/04/25

hey moms
its hard work having a cerebral Palsy child , my little star is 2 years old and its getting hard everyday
their's 2 schools i know that take in cerebral palsy children
Muriel Brand School in Brakpan 011 817 9300
and a home in springs called Vita Nova but unfortunately i do not have their number.
they are excellent
good luck mom i know its hard

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Posted by: grace | 2014/01/20

hi moms i also have an 8 yr old with cp and its hard

Posted by: des | 2008/04/16

yes i think it would be great to start a support group so that we can help eachother and support each parent
my sone is 18 months old and has cp and everyday there is a new challenge

so dont feel alone, there is someone out there that understands what you going through im also battling to find a school or creche for my little one

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Posted by: Angela | 2013/06/22

I think that a support group would be great.i have a 3 yr old with cerebral diplegia and it has not been easy. I'm currently in Nelspruit and there is only 2 schools for disabled public which has a long waiting list and no kids with Nappies allowed. The other one is a private school- expensive but very good. Im relocating to johannesburg and it has many schools for cp kids like forest town school,Francis Vorweg. I'm still to visit some but I was impressed by forest town school. Its a tough emotionally physically draining to handle a child with special needs but with God s power within me and child, we have managed to accept and do all we can to help our child. It's also been financially draining cos you tend to buy all that the physio, ot suggest will help the child and some don't. I believe All will work out . We just need to believe that.

Posted by: PMS | 2008/03/12

In JHB South there is a school called Lusito Land (I think). My brother's daughter is 11 years old and CP. She used to attend this school but no longer does as my SIL stopped work to look after her a few years ago. Its a pity she does not have computer access cause I think it would be a great idea to start a support group just to talk about you LO's and deal experiences and give advise and help each other.

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Posted by: daniella | 2008/03/12

we have a CP baby of 2 years, she do not sleep at night at all, during the day she sleeps about 3 hours. She is on rivetrol 8 drops every 8 hours.
She is totally disabled.
Whe need help please!

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Posted by: Desire | 2013/07/24

Please try Raheema Moosa Hospital for children and Mothers in Newclaire Johannesburg

Posted by: CP MOM | 2008/02/29

Where in Gauteng are you ?

There is The Gateway in Ruimsig in Roodepoort area
Con Amore in Kemptonpark
Casa Carita's on the East Rand

please email me on gysmo at and I'll give you numbers depending of your area.

You need to do this asap she needs to be in a school that understands her needs and can help her with therapy - a "normal" cresche cannot do this.

Love Mom

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