Posted by: Tash | 2006/06/28


Reuteri drops

My daughter had the Rotavirus recently and hospital gave us the drops but didn't tell me anything about it. How important is it to keep the drops in the fridge? I forgot them out for a few days - at least it's winter and not very hot - and now I don't know if I should buy a new bottle???? Should I use it daily like a normal vitamin or only while she's was on antibiotics?

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Posted by: Jessica | 2006/06/28

Yes it's the same...

I prefer Reuteri, most doctors also recommend it, Jana was on Infanteflora, one made by the ARC but I really don't recommend that one,

One of my hubby's collogues' baby was on Infanteforte and the doc told them to change

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Posted by: Ilonka | 2006/06/28

It this the same as infateforte?

It sounds if it has the same purpose. Which one do you prefer

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Posted by: NJK | 2006/06/28

It's a probiotic so it should be kept in the fridge - like yogurt. I'm not sure if you should replace it (seeing that it's so cold) - ask your pharmacist. Use it while your child is on anti-biotics.

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Posted by: Jessica | 2006/06/28

Reuteri is a pro-biotic, it needs to be placed inside a fridge because it contains life cultures, basically if it was placed outside it won't grow (died) so need to get new ones,

It is expensive, but I give it to Jana every morning, it it good bacteria that lives inside the colon. It helped Jana when she got the rota-virus not to have a watery tummy, just vomited.

Breast fed babies get the good bacteria from their mommies, bottle-fed babies need to get it in some other way

Very good stuff!

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Posted by: MOM2_1 | 2006/06/28

Hi Tash!!

Don't know about the "getting a new bottle" question, but as far as I know, you should only use it till her tummy is better.

It worked wonders for my little one!! I gave it to him an hour before each time I had to give him antibiotics and then when his antibiotics where finished, I kept giving the drops to him once in the morning and once in the evening till his tummy was 100%

Love those drops!!! They clear up a tummy quickly.


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