Posted by: Cat | 2006/05/02


Pregnant no medical aid HELP!

I have just found out that I am pregnant ± 4 weeks. I have no medical aid, can anyone give me advise, does anyone know of a medical aid that would be willing to sell me their services?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/03/05

Hi everyone, I like to knw does optivest cover your delivery?

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Posted by: Eloise | 2006/05/03

Hi Cat
I have good news for you. Apply to Optivest. They found me a med aid (Medihelp) that would cover me for confinement after 3 month waiting period. The payments are steep R822 but well worth it in the end. My confinement cover has just come through! I only joined at around 13 weeks so you have time. My contact at Optivest was Monique vd Westhuizen. Try to contact her of go to Optivest website dot co dot za.
Her email address is mvdwesthuizen at optivest dot co dot za
Incidentally i got optivest details from health24.
Good luck - let me know! ps be straight with them from word go on your pregnancy.
Eloise 27 weeks

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Posted by: Lara | 2013/10/28

Hi Eloise I am Currently 10 Weeks Pregnant. With Medihelp Did they Cover you fully with Maternity Benefits in Hospital? Beside the 3 months waiting period was there any other exclusions? Im going to contact MediHelp now and see if they can help me. Please Could you give Feedback on your experience with them. Thanks

Posted by: Bib | 2006/05/03

just save all the money that you are willing to spend on a medical aid each month and you should have just about enough to pay for it yourself when you give birth, take it at about R1000 per month for the next 8 months wich gives you R8000. It really should be enough if there are no complications.

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Posted by: Van | 2006/05/03

Good morning ladies

I hope this will be of some help. A friend of mine works with medical aids and insurance schemes, she is also in the process of helping my SIL who is also preggies and not on medical aid. Its a medical aid that takes u on even though u are preggies. pls dont get ya hopes up, cause apparently this special that was offered ended in April but they will offer it again should they have a certain number of people signed on for that month.

Her name is Emerald and her contact number is (011) 549 1388

Good luck ........................

take care

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Posted by: Amy | 2006/05/03

Hi Cat,

I found out at 4 weeks that I was pregnant. And I was not on Med Aid. I phoned just about every Med Aid I could think of, but no one would cover us. It's really scary to think that you have to worry about how you are going to pay for everything, but luckily I've got a very supportive family.
Sorry I couldn't be of much help.

PS. Where do you stay?

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Posted by: Shez | 2006/05/03

Unfortunately medical aids will exclude cover for your pregnancy and birth if you join now.

Reason being is that u are coming on to the scheme with a "pre-existing condition" - the pregnancy existed before you joined. Schemes see this as a risk in that members come on to have their babies and thus cost the scheme. They end up leaving the scheme after having their babies which is a knock to the general risk pool of the scheme. This applies to any member wanting to join with any other pre-existing illness/condition as well.

The only time they will take you on as is, is if you were just employed by a large company. Large companies (35 members & over) normally qualify for their new staff members to be automatically added to their medical aids regardless of their medical status. They will be accepted "warts and all".

Sorry I cant offer you much assistance in this regard.


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