Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/08

Parent''s house

There was a lot of talk about people who needs to build a house for their parents. Or you grew up in a home with your siblings.

1. What is the plan for the house when that parent of yours (lovely mom) passes on?

2. What is the creteria used to decide which sibling will take the house (if any).

3. If you build/bought the house, do you expect it to revert back to you after the parent''s passon? If yes, does it form part of community of property when you are married?

4. After you bought the house, who takes the title deed? You or mummy dearest.


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Posted by: Petty | 2013/02/12

Hello guys kadze nganigcina

You buildi the house for your mom and so your mom decides who she gives it to when she passes.

The plan is to know tha the gift is your mom''s and you do not have an entitlement back when she passes.

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Posted by: Anon30 | 2013/02/11

I was doing the same shame until i realize that this is not getting me anywhere instead my aunts and uncles they''re are not appreciating a thing i do but because i was doing it for my mom but at the end of the day they treat you like a rubbish

They were always swearing at us (me &  my siblings) especially me why i dont know...i did them a favour i left their home i am staying on my own i am not doing a thing anymore and i am not even guilty the only person i give money is my mom, i took my clothes and what belonged to me and i left and i am at peace with my child and shame ndabayaleza ndathi i dont want to see any of you at my place

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Posted by: Amani | 2013/02/11

As ''I'' sayy everyone needs a home, but it is a problem when the parents do kick it. What is the biggest problem is that we turn a blind eye till its too late.

Let''s stop assumptions and set things straight.


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Posted by: Refilwe | 2013/02/11

Hi guys,

I''m in that excat boat and I must say for me is kinda hard first we are 4 my brother and sister have their own places, at home is me and my other brother who if I may is spoilt rotten.

I do everthing at home from paying the rent to renovation and to be honest I don''t want the whole my daily prayer is to get my own place and the same time I feel guilty that if I find a place I will be leaving my mom " on her own"  as brother man does nothing but the truth of the matter is He is not going anywhere and I know for a fact after my mom dies they''ll say I have to move out or stay with him(and Im not prepared to do that) so i guess I''m doing everything for my mom knowing deep down that come the last day I''ll be out.

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Posted by: I | 2013/02/11

I believe people should always have a place called home to return to. Life''s so unpredictable , the one moment you can have it all and the next it could all be gone in a flash. Rather have a family home where you know everyone including your offspring, and extended family in some instances, can always return to if push comes to shove. If no one''s living in it, there''s always the option of letting it out and using that money for maintenance, rates, family gatherings etc.

In order to safeguard it, put the home in a trust which forbids anyone from selling it, inheriting it or their spouses inheriting it via marriage contracts in the case of divorce. That way it can run from generation to generation and prevent a whole lot of unnecessary fights and claims.

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Posted by: REd Pen | 2013/02/11

Mma Amasi I paid off my moms bebt (±  250k) and help build the house R80k (home now) buy furniture (100K), her siblings (my aunts and uncles) know that it belongs to me and I shall do what I see fit when my mom is gone. Its not my fault they did not want to assist and they are not my children. whoever has contributed has a claim and in this case im the only one. they dont even belong there because the aunts and uncles were borne by my grandmother that did not leave a single penny nor did she leave a " home"  for them, their presence is out of courtesy but they are aware of how it is in the end. abangeni ndawo.

In the event that I pass before mom, i have a will that my daughter shall get all that I own and luckily for her im not married so its a straight forward case for her and nor do I have any more kids at this stage.

And because of the reasons stated above I am a decision maker ekhaya, nothing can happen without me kuba they are useless and I had to be an adult before my time so that I could assist my mom, had to sacrifice and forgo a lot of luxuries and make decisions that were going to benefit her bacause I wanted her to be happy. I have been financial aid when my mom had nothing, had to help raise my brother when my stepdad left her, had to pay debts arising from divorce when she was insolvent, had to care for her when she was sick then kufike umntu ozacinga uba une claim ngesixhosa . . . b a n g a n y a . simply put like that. when i was 17 i had to choose between iskolo and working so that they (mom and lil bro) could have a roof and I sacrificed iskolo so no one can tell me nantoni . . . when she was inslovent I had to leave the country to pay her debts arising from divorce and in the process sacrificed my life.

People mabayeke to claim things that dont belong to them.

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/10

I''m ok my Beetle,

What will happen to the house when the parents kick the bucket? Any plans or are waiting to start the fight on top of their grave?


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Posted by: VW | 2013/02/08

My Milk how is you doing ? I miss you.

Now back to your question, I help my parents extending their house (our home) so for me is basically home to all of us, their kids. It doesn''t belong to anyone regardless who did what. That is my take.

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