Posted by: Angelduste | 2007/02/08


medical aid cover if you already pregnant

Please let me know is there any medical plan that u can take out if you already pregnant

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Posted by: memory | 2014/01/08

im 18 weeks, no medical aid will help you if you're already pregnant- i have tried them all. The best solution is to use cash for your gynae visits( i know its expensive) and then book a bed at a semi-private hospital for delivery.. Once baby is born then you get a medical aid that will cover you both. Its quite sad..I think with R 15 000.00 who can deliver a decent hospital around DURBAN.

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Posted by: danielle | 2013/12/10

im 8 weeks pregnant and im on my own do you know of any plans that wil cover me . . ive tried medi help but they cant help me . . plz

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Posted by: Sabelo | 2014/03/24

Did you get help, ?

Posted by: Extremely Desperate | 2013/10/21

Hi eveyone, Has anyone found a Medical aid that will cover a already pregnant woman? I cannot believe how stressful this is as no Med aid will accept me.. Please help :( ...

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Posted by: kressantha | 2013/12/04

hi Is there any medical aid that will cover if i am already pregnant?

Posted by: nikki | 2013/10/07

Is there any medical aid thatbwill help me when im pregnant

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Posted by: Desperate | 2013/09/18

I need to know who will cover me if I'm already pregnant! i have phoned Discovery, Spectramed and Medihelp - all to no avail!

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Posted by: Lora-Marie | 2013/08/08

Please i just found out i am about 5 weeks pregnant, if there is any insurance that will help me and my fiance please e mail me on Please? Thank you

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Posted by: Leané | 2013/08/28

Did you find a medical Aid that can help you?

Posted by: john | 2013/05/08

i will phone medihelp and find out thanks me and my wife think she is 7 weeks know

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Posted by: gabriela | 2013/08/31

please tell me , have u found a medical aid :( i need help urgently

Posted by: lora-marie | 2013/08/08

please would you be so kind to give the details. Me and my fiace need to get cover im about 5 weeks pregnant. My email Thank you

Posted by: Mish | 2007/02/09

Just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. So far I've been recommended to contact Medi-Help (086 0100 678)
Optivest (021 975 2266) and Spectramed (021 5914220)

any advice on which would be best option, both cover wise and cost wise?

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Posted by: Blue Eyes | 2007/02/09

Most definitely Medihelp, just applied now while I'm over 3 months and they just accepted me YAY

But be careful of the different options, the "cheapest" one only has a hospital limit on maternity of R15 000 and depending on all these hospitals and possibly complications, you could go way over that, the next option up is about R200 more and its got an unlimited hospital limit, try that one instead, just for peace of mind, which is what I did!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/03/24

Hi there.. where you already pregnant when Medi help accepted you??

Posted by: Sue | 2007/02/09

Call Medihelp at 086 0100 678.

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Posted by: PEANUT | 2007/02/08

I know Spectramed will concider you if you are before a certain stage in your pregnancy.

Hope this helps.


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Posted by: ... | 2007/02/08


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