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Hi everyone. Saw an earlier MEDI-SHAPE subject and just wanted to tell everyone trying to loose weight that Medi-Shape is the best program I have ever tried. Have been struggeling for 10 years to loose weight - used duromine, reductil, etc. etc. Nothing worked. With Medi-Shape I lost 12 kg in 10 weeks. The eating plan is easy (and a lot of food!!) to follow and is enough food from all food groups. Supplements are taken in the morning when you get up and when you go to sleep - easy - no 30 min before you eat or all that crap... I felt great while I was on it and still feeling great.. Went back on Medi-Shape last week Tuesday again after December holidays and already lost 1.9kg more. GREAT product. Based on blood groups but you still loose weight even if you eat food not suitable for your blood group. Don't waist your money though if you are not going to stay on the eating plan. They offer a maintenance plan for when you have reached your goal.

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Posted by: Micky | 2007/01/08 Supplements are taken in the morning when you get up and when you go to sleep - easy - no 30 min before you eat or all that crap...... what products do you take as I'm on Medishape and have to take my Lipotrap 30 mins before eating. What product are you taking before bed

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Posted by: Micky | 2007/01/09

Hi Nadia. You eat much more than you mention in your reply. You can even eat (apart from cereal) mealie pap or oats with milk/yoghurt in the morning and cottage cheese with your mid-morning snack. The fruit for lunch is quite a lot. I have a very sweet tooth and since I went on this, my craving for sweets is much less. Apart from what you mentioned you can also have a green salad with dinner with a little feta cheese and pineapple. This fits perfectly into my life style and I will not go back on anything else. I have lost all weight I wanted to loose and is following the maintenance program now which I will stick to for the rest of my life. Reductil and Duromine made me feel sick so I could not stick with it. Medi-Shape is all natural products and does not make you feel weird. Not everyone can do it without assistance of some kind of apetite suppressant.
My husband went on it as well and he had his meat from day one. He still lost weight. Well, I definately believe in this program. Before I never had breakfast and seldom ate fruit. Now my eating habits are much more balanced and I eat from all food groups every day and I eat frequently. Oh yes - there is another snack between lunch and dinner. This is also about portion control and hey, no matter what program you follow - if you go back to your old eating habits you will pick up all and even more weight.

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Congratulations on loosing 25kg, I'm in the process of loosing weight , joined WL but weight drops off slowlly Please tell me more regarding the dietician, do you weigh your food or is there any forbidden food.How long did it take you to loose those 25kg

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Posted by: Nadia | 2007/01/08

Personally I dont think Medi-Shape is all that good. I've lost 20kg but managed to pick it up again. I've been on it, and I believe in balanced eating plan. The first 9 days into Medi-Shape you are only allowed cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and then veggies, one starch (cup pasta, cup rice, ovenbaked chips) for dinner - no meat.. then after 9 days you are only allowed a small piece of meat and thereafter you only go over to the maintenance plan where you can choose your bloodgroup or go according kilojules. I'd rather stick with dietician, which works out a healthy diet plan for you - no pills , injections and you can eat whatever you want in moderation. (if duromine etc didnt work then you didnt make it work, cause it is only available on prescription and if you eat what you should and not cheat at all, you would've kept it off, all depends on the mindset....

I went over to dietician low gi and lost 25kg and kept it off for 1 year now.

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