Posted by: Juan | 2009/06/26


WHY is weed illigal, as it is not addictive? How can a NATURAL plant be '  illegal'  ? Why are cancer-causing, ADDICTIVE cigarettes legal when it kills more people than weed? More people die from alcohol use (liver failure and car accidents) then weed. WHY is weed then Illegal?

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You certainly ask some pertinent questions, most of which are far from easy to answer. However, did you know that over 20% of people admitted to specialist centres for drug counselling or rehabilitation experience dagga (weed) as their primary drug problem? Many find there performance at school or work becomes poor because it affects their concentration and motivation negatively. While the proportion is relatively small, some people with certain predispositions also experience psychosis (delusions/hallucinations) from using dagga, and there are indications that dagga could 'trigger' schizophrenia in predisposed individuals. So in short, as harmless as you may believe dagga to be, a lot of research suggests that this is just not the case.

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Posted by: John | 2009/06/28

The 20% is because when you get caught the judge says do you want to go to rehab or jail and everyone says rehab please so the actual percentage is more likely 0%

This would mean that you lose 20% of your patients and funding.

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Posted by: MDK | 2009/06/28

Your " Experts"  don' t have answers!?. " However did you know, that if you point wildly and make a noise you will distract people?"  If you are not able to point to one death from the regular smoking of cannabis I HAVE to say that you are a)exaggerating for vested career interests and b) that you just LYING. Why must you find it necessary to LIE? It' s not clever to LIE! Cannabis is accepted as a medicine in MANY states in America. That fact is not conveneint... so we leave it out of the discussion? Why choose to NOT mention the toxicitiy of the drug.

The reality is that there is no good reason for cannabis to be illegal. The prohibition of cannabis has meant that there is NO control over the substance. Only when your " experts"  take their collective heads out of the sand will this country make any progress..

So the answers to your questions are as follow:
1)There is no good reason for cannabis to be illegal. There are many reasons for it to be legal, however " experts"  and politicians with vested interests in talking up the " scourge of drugs"  stop it from being so.
2) A Natural plant can be illegal the same as it used to be illegal for sex between two races in years gone by. Once the law is gone everyone will think " What was that about?" 
3) Cancer causing cigarrettes are legal because it is important to control dangerous drugs. Cannabis on the other hand is not nearly as dangerous as alcohol, tobacco or Panado... so controlling it has not been as much of a concern. It' s convenient fo the experts to pretend that they are doing the right thing while actually doing nothing... because the worse it gets the more they are in demand.
4) What you say is correct. Very few accidents are attributable to cannabis " impairment" , simply as research has shown that the impairment is minimal. Cannabis has also been found to make drivers more cautious and drive more slowly, also accounting for the low accident rate. It simply is not as simple as keeping score... Comparisons are useful though and it is important to note that less than half the people dying non natural deaths in Cape Town die sober. As an earlier poster points out 10% of the population in the Western Cape are being born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome..... it' s a humanitarian disaster..... YET we have our " Experts"  playing fast and loose with the facts on drugs.

You have asked many pertinent questions but the experts " think"  are " hard to answer" , but they are not if you are being HONEST.

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Posted by: Ad | 2009/06/28

Expert: You are perpetuating nonsense.

The 2009 UN World Drug Report which gets it' s information from local authorities states:

The only systematic monitoring of drug use in Africa is taking place in South Africa, based on treatment demand. Data for South Africa suggest that treatment demand for cannabis use increased over the first two quarters of 2008.
Including alcohol, cannabis accounted for 23.5% of substance abuse-related treatment demand in South Africa during this period.

It is really a social disservice that you and the UN perpetuate this misconception.

Excluding alcohol, What is the demand for cannabis substance abuse treatment?

If you can answer that honestly, and produce a single fatality caused by cannabis opposed to the 7000 caused by alcohol, then you would be answering honestly  and scientifically.

You can not say that 26% of people seeking treatment for cannabis then add alcohol to that figure.

These are two DIFFERENT substances with very different social impacts.

As yet there is not one Cannabis Fetal Syndrome child, but a whole 10% of the western Cape have long faces....

don' t mix the two and call it a problem.

That' s LYING

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