Posted by: Bomba | 2005/06/17


Ladies tell me about disadvantages of anal sex!!!!

Hi !!
I want to know whether have you ever encountered any disadvantages about anal sex?
I mean your anus is not too big ?
Your shit does not cum out easily?
Can you be able to hold up your fart in public?

Please give me honest answers. I believe everything has advantages and disadvantages that is I am asking.

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Posted by: jax | 2014/07/21

Well wat can I say? To those of you who can take the pain I wish u ol d best...I haven't tried it b4 but im guessin tat it would feel good for us men and painful for women..neways we make our own choices...right?

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Posted by: Great | 2014/07/18

I m gay 2 b honest most of de guys enjoy anal sex nd i hv never experience any promblem but its painful

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Posted by: Ad khan | 2014/07/13

Dear all, I am muslim and anal sex is seriously not allowed in most of religion maybe in all because girls feels too much pain and they are human don't act like animal. girls if you are agree with me so mail me @

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Posted by: Smart boy | 2014/07/07

I fucked many girl ass ... so enjoy guys it does not have any problem... contact

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Posted by: Keya | 2014/06/29

See no advantage at all. Its all painful and satanically practice.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/06/08

Anal sex is extremely good!!! There is a reason why we were created with such a sensation in the ass. Since I started doing anal sex with my boyfriend of seven years our relation has improved and we don't see hw we can live without each other

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/03

i want anal sex with u coz i havent do so fa can u give me ass hole

Posted by: Tshidi | 2014/03/20

i dnt knw wat to do my man wants us to hv anal sex n i refuse to,so now he is all so angry at seriously i cnt

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Posted by: Dr. Care | 2013/12/09

Anal sex does not dangerous if it safe and done correctly. First you should clean your ass with an enema Second use alot of lubricant and use condom Massage your hole is very important to relax the muscels by ,fingirs, thoung and butt plug. Then go slowly and enjog....

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Posted by: Bomba | 2005/06/23

I am not doing it, it was just a question but i will never think about that again.

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Posted by: Qandeel | 2014/05/09

Then why did u ask such non-sense?

Posted by: Fiona | 2005/06/19

It's horrible, it's extremely painful and it's not a turn on at all. It also damages the thing that makes a girl sh*t when she's scared. Lady is right, your girl is doing you a HUGE favour.

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Posted by: Candy | 2005/06/19

i fully agree with lady, and yes there are disadvantages in anal sex, you loose your grip after a while so you start shitting your pants, it's -|- ** painfull,

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Posted by: Lady | 2005/06/18

Women were designed with a vagina for a reason. Anal sex revolts me. There is no pleasure whatsoever. A man that cannot appreciate the nature of a woman shouldn't be sleeping with her in the first place. What do think is sexy about having something shoved up your anus? The anus serves a specific biological function - and it doesn't include sex. Babies do not come from the stomach, they come from the womb.

If she agrees to anal sex, she is doing you a favour.

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Posted by: LaBomba | 2005/06/18

there are no disadvantages, anal sex is great and I havn't had a problem yet.

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